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Those Damn Good Burgers at Perro Borracho!

Perro Borracho, literally translates to Drunkard/Drunk Dog in Mexican. Relating, perhaps, to how its neighboring establishments turn into once the clock strikes 9. Even this petite hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint transforms into a lively little corner. Complete with its colorful murals depicting a man enjoying his siesta, Perro Borracho epitomizes the same character; especially when they start serving their hungry customers during the daytime.

The burger scene in Bacolod is not yet as diverse as people would expect it to be. Among the usual options include Kuppa's Wimpy's Burger, Bob's Bob's Burger, and the recently opened Kaipo Burgers-- a no fuss burger joint where you the only difference among each option is how heavy the burger is. With the recent boom in diverse food selections, another establishment comes to mind when in search for real good and juicy burgers. As described and recommended by my fellow foodie friend, MZ, you'll know that you have tried the best burgers when its juice drips down your arms as you bite into its meat. And definitely, Perro Borracho fits the bill.

Experiencing this same encounter, I struggled eating half of my ordered Perro's Burger in the cab headed home; slurping at the juice dripping on my fingers. I managed to talk my sister into splitting the burger with me, as I really wanted to try it out before I left for Cebu. Taking a peek at the toppings included in the burger, I discovered that it contained a piece of grilled beef patty to a distinctly medium rare degree.

Perro's Burger (P185)

But take note: Perro Borracho's burgers are no ordinary deal. As a matter of fact, they just might be the only place in Bacolod that offers Wagyu beef patties. Apart from the juicy and perfectly grilled Wagyu beef patty, Perro's Burger is topped with a piece of caramelized onion, tomato, egg, and lettuce. This explains why their burgers may seem pricey compared to Bacolod's usual standards. But considering they serve Wagyu beef and a serving of julienned fries along with each order, this makes a great deal.

Perro's Burger (P185)

The fries served in the open air restaurant were julienned, deep fried, and seasoned with the right amount of flavor. Each piece was a reminiscent of a favorite junk food snack that I happened to enjoy until today: Pik-Nik. Considering we had our order to go, it was a bit sad that the staff wrapped the fries in foil packaging a bit too early before they had a chance to cool down. The result was a steam blanket that led to some soggy pieces that stuck together. I hope they get to air the fries first before closing the packaging next time.

Julienned Fries

Overall, my Perro Borracho experience was an unforgettable one. Those damn good, juicy burgers paired with a unique way of serving French Fries equaled into perfection. There's nothing quite like it in Bacolod... at least not yet.

Perro Borracho is located at Art District 1 (near Gypsy and 11 Degree Bar), Lopue's Mandalagan, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City. They are open daily from 11:00am - 2:00pm and 5:00pm - 10:00pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, they close at 12:00am. 

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