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Kaipo Burgers: Ain't No Ordinary Sweetheart

As Filipinos, burgers are under-appreciated. Mostly, I believe this is because we're widely exposed to fast food burger options the likes of McDonald's, Jollibee, and even Angel's Burger. Especially with how affordable these burger options are, it is easy to see why they are the preferred option among many. Don't get me wrong-- there are days when I feel like eating a Burger McDo and that's enough to satisfy me. However, there are days when I feel like I want to eat a good burger, one that's enough to make me forget my name. During these days, I tend to go to trusted burger joints so I can have my burger fix. And when I get to satisfy that craving, I feel complete. 

For a while, Bacolod's burger scene has been limited to the fast food options. With not even a Burger King or Wendy's branch in sight, these fixations have to be satisfied with the options available. Thankfully, my return to Bacolod has been welcomed by a couple of new burger places; which friends and family have been urging me to try out. As of this writing, I have only been able to visit one-- Kaipo

Speaking with the hearty owner and ex US military officer, Gene, Kaipo is a Hawaiian word that means 'Sweetheart'. Offering only the best All-American Burgers, they grill these burgers fresh so you'll have to wait for your fill.

Big Show (500 grams at P299)

One of the things I enjoy best about Kaipo is the fact that it offers burgers according to its weight. While some places make a huge fuss on what other ingredients are included in the burger, Kaipo plays it differently-- they offer the basic and most trusted combination of tomato, onion, lettuce, cheese, and ground beef patty topped with just enough mayo and ketchup to give the burger its delicious taste.

Kaipo (100grams at P69)

For me, a burger is never enough without a layer of blue cheese. So when I asked Gene about this, he was excited to hear that I enjoyed blue cheese on my burger. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side during my first visit. Whenever Gene is able to stock up on blue cheese, dill pickles, and other what-nots, he gives his diners freedom to add whatever topping they wish. Blue cheese, unfortunately for me, has lately been out of stock at Metro Ayala so I was unable to get my usual order. Instead, Gene took out his sauces-- BBQ sauce, Buffalo sauce (he swears it goes perfectly with blue cheese), and Diablo; a local hot sauce he picks up from Capitolville Subdivision. He warned us not to try the hot sauce as it might be too insane for our liking.

Diablo Hot Sauce

Having been exposed to Filipino cooking and how we enjoy our food, they prepare their burgers well-done. But if you have a preferred level of cooking, you can request it from your server. At the same time, you can ask them to cook your fries a specific method you like best-- wedges, thinly sliced, anything. This makes me wonder if they do crisscut fries as well, maybe next time!

French Fries (P60)

Drop by Kaipo and don't forget to say hello to Gene-- he's this really big American guy who's really a sweetheart beneath the tattoos and the ex-military title. Oh and he really knows his burgers!

Meet Gene, the owner

My Place Kaipo is located at the Ground Floor of My Heritage Dormitory across USLS-IS, CL Montelibano Avenue, Bacolod City. They open from Monday - Sunday 11:00am - 9:30pm (or as long as there's still a customer). Now that school's out, they open at 12:00 noon. They will soon be changing the name of the establishment so stay tuned! Call for inquiries: 034 7071177.

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