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Two Words, Say Them And I'm Yours: UNLIMITED SHRIMPS


I'm a sucker for shrimp. I know I shouldn't be eating them because I sometimes get an allergic reaction to them (particularly with small shrimp variety and if it's not fresh)... but there's just something about them that makes me go nostalgic with every bite. I always believe shrimp (and seafood for that matter) are luxurious dishes that only deserve to be indulged during a special occasion. Or at least, on weekend family gatherings. But now, there's no longer a reason why I should wait until the next family gathering to indulge in one of my favorite ingredients of all time. Oh, and did I say they're UNLIMITED?

For only P299 per person, you can enjoy unlimited shrimps from the newest restaurant in town: Roadside Seafood Haus. This price already includes unlimited plain rice. Upon ordering, they'll ask you to choose from the four different flavors they offer:

Chili Garlic
At first, I thought this was the Garlic Butter variant. But when I got to try the sauce, I immediately savored the intensity of the chili infused in its sauce. I had to ask several times and they confirmed to me that this was the Chili Garlic flavor they offered. We asked for another plate of Garlic Butter but we were served the same Chili Garlic variant, which confused me. I hope I get to try the real Garlic Butter flavor since that's my favorite recipe for shrimp.

Moroccan Shrimp
Moroccan Shrimp had a familiar scent to it that I could not exactly determine. But it was a fragrant aroma that reminded me of another dish from Vibe's Chicken Gourmet-- perhaps it was cajun? or cumin? I enjoyed this variant most out of the two that I got to try.

They also offer Garlic Butter and Coconut Curry other than the two we were able to try. When we asked for a serving of these two flavors, they weren't able to comply right away so we were already full from the ones we had on our table. The owner informed us that they were still cooking the Coconut Curry but we declined since we already ate too much shrimp.

One thing I noticed though was that the shrimp was a bit overcooked. Some of the pieces had shells that were difficult to remove, while some were okay. I really like sucking the juice out of the shrimp's head so I was disappointed that the heads were almost hollow. Also, the shrimp they brought out to our table wasn't hot anymore so I guess they've been prepared to accommodate the appetite of the diners who ate before us. We arrived around 7:30 PM so we weren't able to join in with the hungry crowd. As for the overcooked shrimp, I hope they can still adjust this so the shrimp will be more enjoyable.

Anyway, shrimp isn't the only thing you can order from the restaurant. They have quite a selection of items from their menu: crab, mussels, squid, and many more.

I particularly loved the Calamari they offered and its accompanying tartar sauce.


As for the ambiance of the restaurant, it's really a cowboy/cowgirl environment that you'd have to get used to in order to enjoy. There's no parking outside so I suggest you park somewhere in Ayala and walk towards the restaurant. Also, the place isn't too big. From what I've seen on their Facebook page, they can only accommodate 42 people at a time. But hey, if you love shrimps and other seafood, it'll be worth the wait!

Overall, I enjoyed eating unlimited shrimp at Roadside Seafood Haus. Maybe on our next visit, we'll go for the Shrimp Platter since it could serve 2-3 people and would only cost us P250 instead of getting unlimited shrimp for each person. I think the unlimited option is only good if you are paying individually and you are more than two people in the group. I would also love to try out their other dishes. By ordering the Shrimp Platter, this is something I can do without costing a lot of money.

Roadside Seafood Haus
Cardinal Rosales Avenue
Cebu City
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Mondays-Saturdays)
For inquiries, call 0922-911-5068 or 0917-784-1078

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