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What Being Married for 365 Days Made Me Realize So Far


"Why can't we ever be like that couple?"

I whispered to my husband as I gestured to a couple sitting behind us. The couple, probably on their first or second date, was sitting intently towards each other; their body language speaking multitudes. It was obvious they were attracted to each other. If their words were missing it, their actions weren't hiding anything. And yes, they looked a little drunk but they had that heat of passion burning between them. I dared to ask this before my husband, whom I was, coincidentally, on a date with for our first anniversary.

Growing up, marriage was never one of my goals. As a matter of fact, I steered away from people who would keep asking me when I planned to get married (as if that was up to a woman). I could never fathom the idea of me getting tied down and be committed until "death do us part." I believed life was too precious and too short to spend with just one man...(gulp)... forever. 

I was never the sappy, romantic type; the girl who'd fall head over heels for someone and go crazy with the idea of forevermore. This probably explains why I got married late, at 29 years old; to a man who made me realize life was so much better with someone in it.

Now, I'm not saying being married is absolute bliss. What fairy tales never told us was what happened next to 'happily ever after.' Being married-- it has its moments. Moments when you can't help but snap at your husband or wish you were still single, moments when you cry everything out to him, and moments where you fall more in love with the man you swore to commit to.

After being married for a little over 365 days, you get to realize love isn't really about those sappy, romantic moments but the instances you chose to be the other person's strength in times of weakness and joy in times of despair. It's about continually deciding to love him every single moment of the day, even through a misunderstanding. It's about giving up one's satisfaction just to see that other person smile. And most of all, it's about praising God and walking in faith together; helping each other through it all.

I sat there in the glimpse of the dimly-lit restaurant, holding all these thoughts in my head. I stared across the table meeting the eyes I've gotten lost in for so many times. Glancing over his shoulder, the reflection of the other couple have broken away into oblivion, their momentary passion already fleeting. I sat there realizing this... this was far better than a moment's bliss.

Happy 1st Anniversary to us!


Glass of White Wine: P120
Fontina: P245

District on 53rd
Cyberzone Filinvest
Geonzon St., Cebu IT Park,
Cebu City

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