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How I Scored a FREE Magnum Make Your Own Voucher


I'm a HUGE fan of Magnum Ice Cream. I especially love their Almond variety, which I'm unable to find nowadays. But still, I make it a point to indulge in an ice cream stick whenever I can. And when Magnum opened a Magnum Cafe in Manila, I would go to the cafe with my friends and family.

So when Magnum announced they were opening a branch in Cebu, I just knew I had to pay homage to my favorite ice cream. Unfortunately, I didn't get an invite for my blog. This didn't stop me though since I was still willing to visit the 'Pleasure Shop' (it sounds kinky) no matter what.

With my (hungry) husband in tow, we made our way to SM Seaside; where the store was located. When we finally made our way through the labyrinthine hallways of the gargantuan mall, we found the pop-up store sitting in the middle of the second floor.

There weren't too many people yet so we told the Pleasure Maker that we'll be back after visiting the Cyberzone. He informed me that they were still available for the free Magnum promo that they shared on Facebook. This made me so happy since we would be able to score a free bar of Magnum, even though I wasn't part of the media launch.

After showing him the Facebook post, he handed us our chocolate brown tickets (sorry Willy Wonka, they're not golden). We made our way to the Cyberzone.

When we returned, there was already a queue forming in the counter. There were only a couple Pleasure Makers and they were quite busy with the number of people getting a voucher and the ones who were having their orders taken.

When it was finally my turn, I picked the Sea Salt Flakes, Quezo de Bola Shavings, and the Almonds. I chose a chocolate bar and had it drizzled in milk chocolate with a topping of dark chocolate. To know how you can make your own Magnum pleasure bar, here's a video of what went through. By the way, sorry for the hand that covered the camera. My hubby thought the phone was in the way. ;)

There's still time for you to score a free Magnum bar! All you have to do is share their Facebook post on your own wall and show it to the Pleasure Maker. If you're one of the 50, you can get a free Magnum voucher.

The promo ends on November 26, 2016. After the promo, each Magnum Pleasure stick will cost P120.

Here's how our personalized Magnum bars looked like:

Magnum Cafe
Upper Ground Floor Mountain Wing
SM Seaside City Cebu

Operating Hours:
Mall Hours

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