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La Lola Churreria Lands in Cebu


A little over a month ago, La Lola Churreria quietly opened its latest branch in SM City Cebu. We were only able to learn about it when a friend of ours made us try out their churros. Ever since then, I've been hooked to their White Chocolate Churros. Other than this, they have other flavors available including the Dark Chocolate, Matcha, and the original called Churros Clasicos.

I really should get a new camera
Unless you've never tried of churros, they're these delicious deep-fried strips of dough native to Spanish cuisine. After frying, the churros are usually coated in sugar and served with a mug of melted, thick chocolate to enjoy. Over the years, it's gotten so famous that it has become a trend-- from churro sandwiches to ice cream served on top of a cone made out of churros. La Lola has banked on that trend and have given Filipinos throughout the country new ways to enjoy this all-time favorite Spanish dessert.

La Lola Churreria's churros are not the usual ones you'd find anywhere. They're these grandiose (about 6 inches long?) and thick strips of fried dough drizzled with a chocolate coating of your choice. You can pick from white chocolate, dark chocolate, and matcha. The churros are said to be fried in 100% Olive Oil and are freshly made upon every order.

Photo from La Lola Churreria website
If you like, you can also opt for the Churros Clasicos, which are not coated in chocolate. Instead, you can choose your dip: Signature Chocolate or Dark Chocolate.

Photo from La Lola Churreria website
Apart from the Churros, La Lola serves savory churro sandwiches called the Barcelona Sandwich, a sandwich filled with serrano ham, perrito caliente, and mozzarella cheese; or the Chistorra Sausage, which comes with caramelized onion and a sauce in a churro strip.

They also offer the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich, which is gelato sandwiched in the middle of two churro swirls. And the Xuxos, which are strips of churros filled with either Nutella, Banana Nutella, Dulce de Leche, and Speculoos topped with some powdered sugar.

Personally, I'm a fan of their White Chocolate Churros but I can only finish 1 before I get full. It's best to share this with a bunch of your friends so everyone can have a piece and split the bill.

La Lola Churreria Cebu
North Wing, SM City Cebu
North Reclamation, Cebu City
Opens: Mall Hours

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