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Love Snow Shack, Baby Love Shack


The weather in Cebu City has gotten so unpredictable the past few weeks. If it's raining, even just a little drizzle could already cause flooding in some areas. And when it's hot, it gets super hot that you'd feel like it's summer all over again. Lately, the weather has been hot and because of this, we've been on the lookout for cold drinks or ice cream. Another suitable option would be to head over to the latest dessert place at The Crossroads, Banilad so you can enjoy some Bingsu!

Snow Shack is a recently opened store found at The Crossroads that specializes on this very popular Korean dessert called bingsu. Apart from bingsu, they serve toast and brick bread.

We visited last Sunday and brought along our Cards Against Humanity game to play. Knowing the game's mechanics, we had to keep ourselves from being too loud since Snow Shack was filled with families. Maybe we should have brought along a safer game to play. :)

Injeolmi Snow (Regular - P180, Large - P220)
My friends and I ordered the large Injeolmi Snow bingsu to share. The server warned us that it would take a while since there was a queue waiting for their orders too. We were okay with it since we weren't in a hurry to go anywhere that night. And yes, we had our CAH game to keep us busy.

A few minutes into the game and one of the servers came out with our order. The bingsu was served in a gold bowl that I've seen being sold in H&M too many times (oh yes, the perks of being a homemaker). Not that I'm complaining, I actually loved the bowls and envied them.

Anyway, the Injeolmi Snow was a bowl of crushed milky ice that felt more like heaven instead of ice, topped with pieces of Korean rice cake (made from glutinous rice flour), powdered dried beans, roasted almonds, and cashews. On the side was a very small tin can with a few tablespoons of condensed milk to drizzle all over the bowl.

Coming from someone who doesn't particularly love munching on crushed ice, bingsu is really something I enjoy eating. I know of a lot of people who love to munch on crushed ice that sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who can't stand it. Maybe this is why I never enjoyed eating halo-halo when I was younger. On occasion, I give in and get my share of halo-halo but I can never eat too much of the ice.

Bingsu, however, is far from our local halo-halo. I think it shouldn't even be compared with halo-halo since it's too different from one another. I get that the concept of the two are generally alike. But the ice and the snow (bingsu) make a huge difference.

Here are the other bingsu options they offer:

Pat Bing Su
Choco Crumble Snow
Mango Cheesecake
Cheesecake Snow
Choco Brownie Snow

(Photos from their Facebook page)

What I liked about Snow Shack is that they had regular and large options. Usually, bingsu is served in just one size option that either becomes too much or too little, depending on who I'm eating it with. The mere fact that sizes are available also make Snow Shack a tad bit cheaper compared to other places that offer bingsu. I just wish they also serve coffee bingsu like the bingsu place I usually go to so I would be a frequent customer but other than that, they have my vote!

Note: Leave a comment if you understood the pun from the title! ;-)

Snow Shack
The Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City
(between Olio and K1 KTV)
Open everyday: 1:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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