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Spotted: The Best Chicken Wings in Cebu!

I haven't eaten chicken wings for a while. I think the last time I had the opportunity to was when I was still living in Manila. I can't even remember if we had really good, legit hot wings in Bacolod so I think this was why it has been a while since I was able to enjoy them.

A few nights ago, my fiance and his friends were talking about the best wings in Cebu. They had different suggestions and I listened to them intently. I had known about these establishments through social media but I didn't have the opportunity to try them out in the past.

Making a mental note on these establishments, I decided to head over to Gibbs' Hot Wings to enjoy their delicacy on the next time we ate dinner out (which happened to be last night). I enjoyed their delicious chicken wings so much that I can't help but write about the experience right away. They were really that good!


Gibbs' Hot Wings is situated inside a subdivision. It is a house converted into a restaurant with some wooden tables. The walls were painted black and covered in a golden ink with signatures and messages left behind by some of its loyal clientele. I wanted to sign my blog's name in Calligraphy but there wasn't any space left and there wasn't a pen around... so maybe next time.


There were three of us... let me correct that... in our crowd were three hungry fellas who wanted to eat food right away. When we arrived at Gibbs, the establishment was surprisingly crowded considering it was a Monday night. We quickly chose a table and waited for the waiter to hand us their menu. Instead, the waitress arrived with pieces of the local newspaper cut out into a semi-hexagon shape which served as their table mat. Another waitress informed us that we would be ordering from the counter, where a touchscreen display was situated and the waitress simply tapped on the next button to showcase the items on their menu.

Gibbs' Hot Wings Hot Level (P 175 for 10 pieces)

Since we weren't brave enough to go crazy with the level of spiciness, we picked out the Gibbs' Hot Wings Hot level, which was their lowest spice level. The levels differed according to Hot (1), Original (2), Insane (3), 2 Intense (4), and Freakin' Hot (5). I wouldn't dare go beyond the Hot or Original level unless I wanted to punish myself for something I did.

Angel Wings (P205 for 10 pieces)

The other thing we ordered was the Angel Wings, an order of their signature fried chicken wings coated in a blanket of cream, garlic, cheese, and Parmesan cheese. The taste reminded me of Carbonara sauce which worked really well with the spiciness of the first dish. To balance out the flavors of both, I would alternate eating from the two. This allowed me to enjoy the spiciness of the Gibbs' Hot Wings.

We also ordered a half pitcher of one of their juices and it helped balance out the spiciness of the dish. We were surprised at the size of the half pitcher though, as it was considerably large for a "half" option. And it only cost P90. There was enough to give us three a second round each.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of dining at Gibbs' Hot Wings. The food was great and the staff was okay. It didn't take too long to serve the wings but that could be because we were talking about something interesting and we didn't realize it was already 20-30 minutes as they instructed us. But the food is really worth the wait and delicious!

The Facade (Photo from Gibbs' Hot Wings Facebook Page)

The only issue I had was that it was far away and you'd need a car to get there since the location is inside a subdivision. We had to walk to the entrance of the subdivision so we could get a cab to drive us home after dining there. Fortunately for us, there wasn't any stray dogs to chase us.

Still, I do wish they would open a branch in IT Park. We'd definitely be there all the time... at least I would.

Gibbs' Hot Wings is situated inside Holy Family Village II, Banilad, Cebu City.  For inquiries, you may call 0949-376-7220.  They are open from Sunday - Monday (5:30pm - 10:00pm), Tuesday - Saturday (11:00am - 2:00pm, 5:30pm - 10:00pm). 

Map from their Facebook page

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