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Meet the Crunchiest Liempo in Bacolod City

Liempo Lechon (P125)

There it was-- packed in all its juicy fat flavor, begging... inviting... tempting. It was smiling with its sexy shape. Its color glistened in perfection. It was the very essence of sin in its purest, most delicate form. I couldn't resist its seduction... I just had to have one bite.

Just one.


The whole restaurant turns to stare at me. Oh what have I done? What have I done?

Perfection. That is the best word to describe Got To Grill's signature dish, the Liempo Lechon. It's the offspring of a beautiful and tasteful marriage between liempo (pork belly) and lechon, deep fried to complete its crispy, juicy skin. The sound of its crispiness echoed throughout the small restaurant indicating its victory. It best emancipates the very core of lechon.

Unfortunately, the dish didn't belonged to me. It was my brother-in-law's order and I was told to try it out just for the taste of it. One bite of its skin and it had me hooked-- this was the dish I was ordering next time.

For my part, I ordered the G-Barbecue Rice because I was seriously craving for some Bacolod barbecue during my short visit. The pork came slathered in a glaze similar to that of their Baby Back Ribs. Sadly, it didn't rise to my expectation as I was looking for the purely homemade taste of street-style pork barbecue. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious. It just wasn't the barbecue taste I was looking for.

 G-Barbecue Rice (P170)

Baby Back Ribs (P135)

Another favorite is the Crazy Brownie, which was a delicious brownie dish topped with Ice Cream and Whipped Cream drizzled in chocolate and caramel syrup before it was sprinkled with some cocoa powder and some chocolate toppings. It was the perfect end to my love affair with the liempo lechon.

Crazy Brownie (P90)

But with its affordability, there's no reason why I wouldn't go back to enjoy their dishes; especially that beautiful Liempo Lechon. Thinking about it, I could already feel my blood rising and my head becoming lighter.


Got To Grill is located in Margarita Street, Eroreco Subdivision, Bacolod City. For reservations, call 034 7098649. They are open from Mondays - Fridays (11am-2pm and 5-9pm) and Saturdays - Sundays (4-9pm).

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