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A Weekend Getaway at Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu

For our anniversary, G wanted to make it extra special. Since I had relatives visiting and staying in my rented studio unit for a couple of weeks, he decided to bring me to Marco Polo Plaza Hotel for a much needed break. I couldn't thank G enough since I really needed a good night's sleep and quiet. So a few days before our anniversary, we got in touch with a friend at Marco Polo, Lara. She gave us a great deal so we decided to go with our overnight stay.


Upon entering in our room, I suddenly remembered why Marco Polo is one of the best hotels in the world. It truly lives up to its name as guests get what they pay for-- carpeted floors, floor to ceiling curtains, and the best mattresses. I was already enjoying the idea of sleeping on one of these gorgeous beds, even just for a night. 

Our beds for the night

My favorite area in the entire room (apart from the beds) was the study. It was comprised of a beautiful mahogany desk with an executive's swivel chair. I brought some of my calligraphy tools with me so I could practice during this getaway. And I really found this desk and chair comfortable. I wanted to bring it home with me (if only I could)!

The shower was a bit smaller than I expected but nonetheless exciting. In lieu of curtains, it had a glass panel covering one area. But it was in direct view to the mirrors so when you take a bath, you'll be staring at your naked body in its entirety. Not a good idea for someone with body/weight issues :(



The mini bar and fridge was stocked and complete with what you'd normally expect from a hotel. I like that they provided an electric kettle for people who wanted to drink coffee or tea.

View from a Window

My younger brother accompanied us when we checked into the hotel. He opened the window and kept saying 'Ate, feeling ko nasa Rio tayo.' When it was my turn to check out the view, I knew what he was saying. I can't help but wonder what those four buildings were though. Can anyone enlighten me?

The view... What are those buildings?

The view


Marco Polo Cebu is among the best hotels I've stayed in. I read somewhere that they have the best cookies in the city. So I did not let an opportunity pass without me trying them out. 

I ordered some Malicious Cookies for room service and they were delivered to me in no time. I even tried out some calligraphy with these cookies. I need to practice more though. I can't exactly remember the price but I think it's P60 for the large cookie and P60 for the two small ones. It was good but it certainly wasn't the best for me. I think it should have been warmed before serving. Perhaps this would have made it taste better?

Malicious Cookies, Marco Polo Cebu

Around 5pm, the doorbell rang and we were surprised to see hotel staff delivering us some complimentary treats. This was definitely a first for us and really loved that they made us feel special.

Ensaymada from Marco Polo

It was a tray of another of their famous treats-- their very own ensaymada and hot chocolate. Another blog said that they had the best ensaymadas in Cebu, And yes, I could not help but agree with this. The delicious original ensaymada was soft and butter. It was covered in a generous heaping of grated cheese and butter. It was definitely the best ensaymada I've had in my entire life.  

Ensaymada from Marco Polo

Ube Ensaymada from Marco Polo

The hot chocolate they gave us was also really good. It was thick and rich and just perfect for the size of their cup. 

Hot Chocolate

Needless to say, it was definitely a great night for us. We awoke to what felt like a hundred years' worth of sleep. The beds were really very comfortable that we didn't want to leave to enjoy our breakfast buffet, which was part of our hotel stay. But since we love the breakfast buffet selection at Cafe Marco, we couldn't help but bid our beds a temporary farewell. Until then.

Thank you Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu and Ms. Lara for making our anniversary ultra memorable and special. We'll definitely be back for more! Watch out for my next post on our breakfast buffet at Cafe Marco and see why they're the best breakfast buffet in Cebu!

Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu is situated at Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Apas, Cebu City.  For more information and reservations, you may call them at (032)2531111.

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