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5 Ways to Enjoy Estella's Homemade Spanish Chorizo

One of my long-time friends from my elementary years, who happens to be based in Cebu City as well, has recently gone into business. Adapting her family's heirloom secrets with their Spanish background, Jenna Estella has began to sell Homemade Spanish Chorizo in Cebu City.

Now I know that Cebu is famous for its chorizo. But to be honest, there are many ways Spanish Chorizo differs from Chorizo de Cebu. One of the most obvious ways is that Spanish Chorizo is usually sold as is and without the distinctive red casing that local Chorizo from Cebu is known for. Because of this, Spanish Chorizo can easily be added onto different dishes and not be limited to a standard taste. It is also known as Chorizo Recado.

Considering this, I've been in search for Spanish Chorizo in Cebu City for the longest time. There was even a restaurant that served this on a delightful manner yet failed to impress. Personally, I didn't enjoy it because it only tasted like it was ground beef made to look like chorizo. It didn't even have the characteristic smell that Spanish Chorizo is available with.

Thanks to my friend's new venture, I can easily get the chorizo fix that I want. Her homemade business is named Estella after her last name. Watch out for more treats from Estella soon! She makes her Spanish Chorizo in batches so if you'd like to order some, make sure you text her ahead of time. She sells these in 400g tubs at a price of P220 only. Her contact number is 09258008135.

In the meantime, check out some of the things I did/planned to make with Estella's Homemade Spanish Chorizo:

Chorizo Shawarma

Instead of the usual minced beef or grilled pork, you can wrap the Spanish Chorizo in pita bread, put some vegetables (white onions, tomatoes, and some cabbages) on it and a white garlic sauce and you're good to go! I wasn't able to make this because there wasn't any pita bread available in the grocery. :(

Chori Burger

Another way you can serve Spanish Chorizo is to use it instead of your typical ground beef for when you're making burgers. You can then serve it with rice or with bread and you'll have an enjoyable treat!

Chorizo Pasta in Cream Sauce

You can also use the chorizo as the main component of your pasta. Mix it with some cream, milk, and top it on some freshly cooked pasta. Delicioso!

Chorizo Pasta in Olive Oil

Or you can do what I did and cook the chorizo in some olive oil, add some minced garlic to it and top it over rigatoni pasta. You'll love it :)

Chorizo with Garlic Rice and Sunny Side Up Egg

But of course, the fool-proof way of serving and enjoying Spanish Chorizo is to cook it as it is and serve it with Sunny Side-Up Egg and Garlic Rice and you'll be off to a beautiful start in the morning. For me, this is the best way to enjoy Spanish Chorizo.

I still have some of Estella's Homemade Spanish Chorizo and I'm running out of ideas how to serve it next. Do you have some suggestions? Let me know in the comments below and you just might win a tub of Estella's Homemade Spanish Chorizo! You have until Friday, July 3, 2015 5:00PM to send me your comments! Leave me a suggested dish in the comments section. Make sure to include the following info behind:

Full Name:
Email Address:

The winner will be picked through Rafflecopter.com I'll contact the winner :)

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