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So This Is Why Everybody Loves Sinugba Gaw

I enjoy meeting home cooks, bakers and chefs. I enjoy learning about their love for food and their stories on how they were able to come up with a certain dish as much as their love for the art of cooking. It is through these stories that I learn about different cooking techniques and possible options on how to create certain dishes too. Considering that I've long been a home cook, I share the same dream and passion as these individuals on how we wish our delicacy would grow into the next best thing.

Photo by Jay Chiongbian Young

For the longest time, G has been raving to me about how good his friend's inihaw na baboy tastes. And among his common friends, the delicacy has become a favorite that I often hear about whenever I meet them. I'd grow jealous on the fact that I haven't had a decent inihaw na baboy ever since I moved to Cebu. I tried tasting Balamban Liempo but it was too salty that it failed me miserably. What I was looking for was the same grilled pork style that I've had all my life in both Bacolod and Manila. Thankfully, I was able to try something good.

Aptly called Sinugba Gaw because Gaw refers to a shortened Cebuano term for cousin, Ig-agaw. And the cook's nickname, among friends and strangers, also happens to be Gaw. Meanwhile, sinugba is both an Ilonggo and Bisaya term for Grilled or Inihaw.

Meet your home cook, Gaw

G ordered 1 kilo of the famed inihaw for his brother's birthday. The pork was wrapped in a layer of Manila paper so its excess oil could be absorbed. And it was then placed in a styrofoam container. According to G, the cooking usually takes 2-4 hours so they usually enjoy this after band practice at Gaw's house.

Arriving at his house, everyone was excited to see the delicacy; knowing that it was his friend who made it. When it was time to dig in, the famed dish was the first to be fully consumed.

Sinugba Gaw (P300 for 1 Kilo)

As for the verdict... I promised G I'd be nice yet unbiased on what I really think about the dish. But really, I didn't have anything bad to say about it. For me, it was a marriage between Crispy Pata and Lechon. I loved that its meat wasn't dry and still had a lot of flavor to it. Its skin was almost like lechon, very crispy and juicy. I found that the skin part was a bit too salty but I think that it was necessary to give it a lot of flavor.

If I'm not mistaken, the cooking process used for the dish was frying and grilling. Or it could be grilled then baked in an oven. Or it could also be boiled then grilled... Hmm... Or I could just keep guessing. Either way, that secret belongs to Gaw. And all that's left for me is to enjoy the delicious treat he prepares for his friends.

For orders, you may get in touch with Gaw on his Facebook page or you may text him at 0928 317 9160. 

* If you're a home cook/baker and you have some products available for tasting, please send me an email. I'd love to write about it here on GoodFoodTrips.com :)

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