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Falling In Love With Everything About Gayuma Ni Maria in Cebu

Research says that it only takes a fifth of a second to fall in love because of the euphoric feeling that affects intellect. It also says that it produces the same feelings induced by taking cocaine. Thankfully, I didn't need either to fall in love with Gayuma Ni Maria.

I first heard of Gayuma Ni Maria when it trended among my blogger friends in Manila. A few years ago, this quirky, artsy restaurant based in Sikatuna, Quezon City was the talk of the town. But since it was in QC, it was always so difficult for me to visit. Thankfully, I don't have to go far to dine in the restaurant since it's now available in Cebu!

Ever since I became a foodie, some of my favorite restaurants exude the same vibe as Gayuma Ni Maria-- Fat Michael's (now closed) in Evangelista, Makati, Gypsy Cafe in Bacolod, Van Gogh Is Bipolar in Quezon City (is it still open?), and 10 Dove Street in Cebu. These places exude an artsy feel to them evident in even the tiniest detail-- from their tableware to their interior design, artwork display and even the font they use for their name. So naturally, it was easy for me to fall in love with Gayuma Ni Maria ever so quickly.


Entering Gayuma Ni Maria, you'll feel like you're transported in this sort of exotic jungle where you can enjoy good food. I loved that they had plenty of different seating options and did not stick to just one type of table for their customers. This decision alone gave us a hard time as we had to pick out a seat where we could really enjoy. Plus, it did help that there were only 2-3 tables occupied so we were able to pick out a really cozy spot on the left side of the restaurant, facing the musical instruments and the kitchen. 

So cozy!

Excited to see some musicians play!

From the outside

Everything was just so romantic! There was even a heart on the wall made from empty puso leaves and makeshift hearts.


Gayuma ni Maria Cebu lived up to its Manila standards. It is a branch that exuded the same fun and romantic feel that other restaurants can only try to accomplish. Evident in their choice of interior and display, you'd really feel like you're in love. The items on their menu added to the experience as reading them made us laugh a lot. Gayuma Ni Maria was able to create a fun feel to their menu by giving regular food names a twist that fit into their love theme. The names that I laughed at most included Maya-Maya Na Dear, No Boyfriend Since Birth, Tuliro, Saging Lang May Puso, Undress Me, and many more! 

They also offered breakfast. 

Unfortunately, since they were still on soft opening (they opened around February this year) and it was already close to 9:00pm, there was a limited number of options we could order. Upon those that were available, we picked out Forces, Please Be Careful With My Heart, and the Beats Sex Anyday

One food item I enjoyed most was their appetizer called Forces. It was a dish with garlic toast with a side medley of Cream Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Pesto, and some Tomatoes with Onions. The combination of these flavors was a great treat and was a big surprise for me. Sadly, there were only about five pieces of garlic toast on the plate, which wasn't enough for the dip. I hope they would add one or two more pieces so that it would be perfect!

Forces (P105)

The next dish that arrived in our table was the Please Be Careful With My Heart-- chicken that's slow roasted and smothered with a dose of lemon, olive oil and garlic. Alongside it was a roasted head of garlic that added to the whole taste of the chicken, and a mountainous pile of Macaroni Salad. The chicken served to us was half of a whole piece so we decided to share it. I found it delicious, especially when mixed with rice and a slice of the roasted garlic. Although the chicken meat was soft from being slowly baked, it was also a bit dry. The roasted garlic did, however, bring life to it. 

Please Be Careful With My Heart (P215)

Please Be Careful With My Heart (P215)

As for dessert, we decided to go with their bestseller Beats Sex Anyday-- a slice of uber moist chocolate cake with a topping of whipped cream and a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce-- that alone was a guarantee that it WOULD be better than sex. And if that's enough, I think I could be pregnant with a little chocolate baby. (LOL). It was good and moist-- but a bit too sweet. I think this is really good for sharing unless you want to devour all that sugar for yourself. 

Beats Sex Anyday (BSA) (P105)

Beats Sex Anyday (BSA) (P105)

All in all, the experience in Gayuma Ni Maria was a great one. I can't wait to be back and try out the other dishes on their menu. I also want them to have a regular band play songs because it would really compliment the whole experience. If you haven't visited Gayuma Ni Maria yet, hands down I suggest you do and order their Forces appetizer. The thought of it is making me salivate this early in the morning! I promise you won't regret it :)

Let me know if you've visited the restaurant and how your experience was. I'd love to know if you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Gayuma Ni Maria is located at J. Llorente St., Cebu City.  They are open Mondays to Saturdays from 7:00am until 9:00pm. 

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