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New Dishes at Quino's: Sandwiches and Churros


Whenever I'm in Bacolod, I make it a point to make my short stay memorable. I do this by spending quality time with family and friends that really matter in my life, visit my parents' graves, and dine at all my favorite restaurants. If there's one establishment that I always make a point of visiting, it would be Quino's in Lacson-Mandalagan St. For the entire time that they have been in operation, there has always been one reason for me to keep coming back to the cafe: Puffyani!

Puffyani photo from Quino's Facebook page

I've been a huge fan of cream puffs and with Quino's Puffyani, I feel like I'm in heaven with every single bite. These little things are enough to make you feel good after a long, tiring day along with a cup of coffee.

Another reason why I like spending time at Quino's is because the owners (and their family) have been good friends ever since I was in elementary. We belong to the number of people who go to a Christian church and studied at Christian Academy of Bacolod. Adding to this, Quino's exudes a relaxing and quaint vibe where you get to actually talk with your friends. They don't offer Wi-Fi to their patrons since they encourage one another to talk in deep and meaningful conversations. The books they display on their bookshelf are inspiring and God-centered. This makes me treasure this cafe so much since they're just one of the few who do that.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Quino's started to offer new dishes apart from their sweets. Here are some of the new items on their menu:

Chocolate Fries

 Churro Bites

Club Sandwich

I'm excited to go home and try some of these new dishes at Quino's! Plus I heard that they are praying for a new branch, which they'll call Quino's Garden. I'm so excited for the Ledesmas! I know God is blessing their family abundantly through Quino's as they help reach out to other individuals and share His word. 

Quino's Cafe is a cake and cupcake cafe located in Centro Ascalon, Lacson St., Mandalagan, Bacolod City. For inquiries, call 034 458 2092. They also offer dessert tables for events.

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