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A Taste of The Famous Indian Curry House

When I was still very new in Cebu, I asked friends for the best Indian restaurant in the city. Some of my friends recommended Firozian, while others suggested Persian Palate. While it wasn't exactly Indian, Persian Palate had some dishes that were almost similar to my favorite cuisine. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enjoy the food that much. As for Firozian, it was okay. I loved their Samosa. But as for the curry dishes, I found them to have a serving that was too small.

A few weeks ago, G and I went on a food hunting spree. We tried out some of the new and relatively new restaurants in the city. After having discovered the best Indian restaurant in Cebu, a friend of ours recommended that we try out The Famous Indian Curry House in APM Mall; which was her favorite.

So we did.

Before their APM Mall branch, they used to have a small restaurant in a small road near Lot 8 Condo in Mabolo. I remember that small restaurant because I always made a mental note to visit but I never got to because they closed down. There's a new restaurant that has already taken over and I believe it's called #57. I'll make sure to visit it next time.

When we got to APM Mall, we weren't sure where the Indian restaurant was situated so we asked the guard. It turned out that the restaurant was at the side entrance of the mall, right across Luy's Classic Tea House.

I found the small restaurant enticing. The walls were colored red and the lighting was warm. Hanging on small frames throughout the wall were Indian movie posters, which intrigued me and got me more interested in Bollywood films.


As for the food, I found that they had a good variety of Indian dishes. G opted to get a dish he was familiar with: Butter Chicken. The serving was available with a side of your choice: rice, naan or roti. G opted for roti. The dish was good but very spicy even though we ordered it mild.

Butter Chicken with Roti

The dish that I got was the Non-Vegetarian Platter since I missed my Manila days when I would eat at New Bombay and I would order their platter. Just like the experience, my order arrived on a stainless steel plate with compartments for each dish that was included. Dining at The Famous Indian Curry House gave me back this memory. Unfortunately, the fish part (upper left side on photo) of the plate was too salty.

Non-Vegetarian Platter


During our visit, the Indian owner was tending the cashier area. She was very accommodating and hospitable as she recommended some of the dishes for us to try out. She also helped cool down the hot temperature outside as she recommended us to get the Lassi to help us cool down.

So far, The Famous Indian Curry House was a good experience. I wish they would test out their dishes before serving so that it wouldn't be too salty. Another issue that I got was the mosquitos that flew in to the restaurant since it didn't have glass windows and it connected directly to APM Mall. The issue here, however, was caused by APM Mall leaving the main doors open so I guess this is something out of the restaurant's hands... unless they do decide to put some windows.

On the plus side, the food was okay and the price was affordable for an Indian restaurant. I just wish the food would be tested, really.

The Famous Indian Curry House is located inside APM Mall (across SM City Cebu), North Reclamation, Cebu City.  They are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.  For inquiries, you may call (032)268 9145.

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