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Tatang's Crispy Lechon Moves to a New Home, Improves Menu

Tatang's original stall in A.S. Fortuna

Ever since my friend's sister introduced me to Tatang's Crispy Lechon, it has always been on the top of the list for whenever I crave to eat boneless lechon belly. A few months ago, I was so excited that I reported on where Tatang's new location in IT Park was.

Tatang's stall in IT Park

Sadly, the stall was no longer there when we paid a visit to buy some for an upcoming trip to Bacolod. We had no choice but opt for our second favorite boneless lechon belly stall.

Just when I thought that my blog was really, truly cursed (remember Satay Satay Cebu and Bacolod's 6th Street Cafe, yeah I blogged about those and a few weeks later they closed.), I decided to send Tatang's Crispy Lechon a message on Facebook so I could know where there new location was. Fortunately, they were quick to respond! They moved to a new location, just across Pino restaurant on Wilson Street.

So before Sinulog fever started, G and I decided to head over to their new location for lunch.

It turned out to be a really better location for the restaurant. Instead of having just a stall, the new Tatang's had a comfortable dining area where diners can choose to indulge their lechon bellies in.

Their new home

When you arrive at their new location, you simply have to line up outside a small window and wait for your turn to be accommodated with your order.

Guess who's ordering ;)

Apart from moving to a different location, they also launched a new menu with other lechon incorporated dishes such as their Lechon Sisig, Lechon Flakes, and the deliciously fun Lechon Wraps.

3-piece Lechon Wraps

Improved menu

As for the prices, they are still the same as the ones offered on their stalls.

1/4 Kilo Regular Crispy Boneless Lechon Belly

I'm really happy that they're back!

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