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Sacchan: Authentic Okonomiyaki in Cebu

After living in Makati for the past six years of my adult life, it’s pretty hard to move back to a quiet hometown in the province and try to move on with your life. And ever since I did that, it felt like a part of me has died and it’s been so hard to go on. Losing my Dad a couple of years ago was a big reason why I decided to drop everything that was happening in my life then and start anew. Only, the fresh start I had hoped for didn’t exactly happen in Bacolod—it took place in Cebu City.

I’ve already been in Cebu for a year and it’s an amazing experience. The people here are nice to me and have really made me feel like I’m part of their circle. Although there are things I miss about Makati—my condo, staying out late with my friends, and all the food; I have accepted that things must go on. So whenever I can, I try to re-live moments that I enjoy most about Makati: mainly eating and discovering new restaurants.

For a while, I’ve been on the hunt for a dish that my friends and I love to share every now and then. Even though Japanese food is quite common here in the Philippines, that specific dish is somewhat new to most Filipinos. If not for my friends, I wouldn’t have known about it.

Okonomiyaki from Kagura in Little Tokyo
(Picture from my old Multiply account)

So for a while, I’ve been looking for a restaurant in Cebu where they served Okonomiyaki. My friends and I used to eat it in a restaurant in Little Tokyo, Makati. If you’ve never been there, it’s definitely an adventure on its own! You’ll feel like you’re actually in Tokyo and you get to sample different Japanese cuisine. A visit to Little Tokyo will help you get oriented with the different types of dishes served in their country. After all, there’s so much more to Japanese food than just ramen, sushi, and teriyaki.

A few months ago, Guile and I chanced upon Tomo Café—a cosplay café that served Japanese café food. I was extremely happy to discover that they served Okonomiyaki. However, they didn’t offer the option where you add crispy noodles on the base of the batter. While I made do with the dish, I decided that the only way I could eat that specific version of Okonomiyaki was to make it on my own.

True enough, I found a recipe for Okonomiyaki that I cook at home. It’s a cheaper option and I can choose the ingredients I would like to add to the dish. But sometimes I feel so lazy to cook and worry about the excess food. Thankfully, a recent discovery proved to be a happy experience for me and Guile!

On a busy Wednesday evening in December, we decided to eat out. The first option was to eat Sangyupsal since it has been a while. But later on, the choice turned to trying out a Japanese stall we discovered all the way in Talamban. With the usual rush hour traffic, it took us an hour to get to our destination: Piazza Elisia.

Sacchan, Piazza Elisia, Talamban

Upon arriving in Sacchan, I felt like I was back in Little Tokyo. The stall was situated underneath the stairs of the establishment, with foldable tables and stools surrounding it. Once we got seated, a friendly Japanese woman approached us and handed us the menu. If you’re looking for ramen, sushi, or the usual Japanese food, you’ll be disappointed here. Just like Little Tokyo, Sancchan only focuses on a specific type of Japanese cuisine—takoyaki.

Sacchan Menu (from Facebook)

Their menu consisted of a few options: Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Gyoza, Yakisoba, and a couple of teriyaki rice meals. On our visit, we ordered the Gyoza and the Modanyaki. I was very pleased to discover that they served the okonomiyaki version that I had been looking for since I left Manila in 2012!

Pork Modanyaki (P150)

And it was exactly what I was looking for! I was so happy that I finally got to try this dish again!

Gyoza (P120)

The Gyoza was good as well. The Japanese owner was so friendly that she even poured our sauce for us and explained what they were.

Mango, Red Iced Tea (P20 each glass)

They also served refreshing Red and Mango Iced Tea.

Sacchan also offers daily lunch sets and nightly promos for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit in Sacchan and would most likely be back real soon! I was promised she would prepare onigiri next time!

Sacchan is situated in Piazza Elisia, Talamban. They are open daily from 11:30 am – 10:00 pm. For inquiries, call 09437055641.

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