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Let's Meat At Carnivore!

On our 7th month together, G took me to a new restaurant in Cebu-- Carnivore. Instead of our usual buffet monthsary dates, we decided to try out a new restaurant that we discovered while on our way to work one day. After Googling the restaurant, we were excited to try out the steaks that were part of their menu. Since it's been a while since the last time we ate steak, this was a perfect time to indulge on the dish together.

Delicious menu!


Situated in The Gallery, Mabolo, Carnivore produced a luxurious feel that would initially make you assume that they have costly dishes. To our surprise, their dishes were quite reasonable. Apart from the dishes, the interior was intelligently chosen for the restaurant. I liked how the entrance was a gray color amidst its yellow door. The open kitchen (a reminiscent of my days in Culinary School) area also allowed restaurant diners to engage in conversation with the owners of the restaurant-- who were pretty hands on with preparations.

For steak noobs, there was an area where an illustration of the different meat cuts where displayed so they had a better idea of what they were eating.

Here are the dishes we ordered:

Steak & Marrow

US Certified Angus Beef Flat Iron, local Kitayama Wagyu Beef Bone Marrow, Peppercorn Sauce.

Steak & Marrow, P 475

This was such a delicious dish! I loved how the bone marrow felt like pure heaven in my mouth. I experimented by slicing the steak into bite size portions, put a small amount of marrow and garlic on top of it, and drizzled it with its peppercorn sauce. The result was amazing! It was a magnificent blend of all the right flavors merging together into one harmonious eruption of taste buds. The next time I miss eating Cansi from Bacolod, a visit to Carnivore will be on my agenda!

Apple & Feta Salad

Organic greens from Lilo-an, root vegetables, candied Peanuts, Apple Vinaigrette, Foccacia slice.

Apple & Feta Salad, P 179

I'm really not fond of salads-- especially the usual ones like Caesar Salad. Even though I want to eat more salads, I'm very picky with the salad dish that I'll eat.

After experimenting with different salads, I've come to a conclusion that the salads are like are the salads I usually order from Cafe Georg or La Maison Rose. The common ingredients between these two salads: Bleu Cheese and Candied Peanuts. This made me try Carnivore's Apple & Feta Salad, which turned out to be a close favorite. It was delicious and healthy-- especially since I was trying to lose weight for the Holidays.

We were given a couple of glasses of red wine to taste and combine with our steak dish. It was an okay blend but we weren't used to drinking red wine.

Fried Oreos
Cavendish Bananas, Chocolate Sauce, Milk

Fried Oreos, P 89

For dessert, we decided to get Fried Oreos since I wanted G to taste it. I used to make Fried Oreos back home so I wanted him to try it out. The dish was okay... I was just curious what the milk was for-- perhaps for dunking the Oreos in? I tried it but it resulted to a soggy combination and didn't make do with the milk anymore.

Overall, our visit to Carnivore was a good experience. I love the Steak & Marrow dish and will definitely be going back to it!

Carnivore is situated in The Gallery, Juan Luna Ave., Brgy. Kasambagan, Mabolo, Cebu City. They are open from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm (Mondays-Thursdays), 11:30 am to 10:00 pm (Fridays), and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Saturdays). For inquiries, you may call (032)513 0558.

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