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A Waki to Remember


"Waffles are like pancakes but with abs" -- I beg to differ. Just recently, I wrote an article for a client on the different types of pancakes available. I was surprised to discover that there were actually a lot of varieties, depending on each country's cuisine. What was once just a selection of pancakes, waffles and crepes to me led this discovery to so much more. 

Waki Waffles stall in SM Cebu
Pia and Wayne Congmon explaining the waffle toppings

Coincidentally, I was invited for a blogger event for Waki Waffles in SM City Cebu. During the event, I got to meet other Cebu bloggers as well as the owners, Wayne and Pia Congmon. Although I only got to stay for a bit, I was able to learn and taste what Waki Waffles offered to its Cebuano clientele. If you've become tired with the usual waffle stalls available, you can think differently about Waki Waffles. 

What are the items available?

Waki Waffles is not like other waffle stores in the market. As a matter of fact, they may just have the best waffles that I've ever tasted! And coming from someone who isn't really fond of waffles, that's already a big plus. 

When you order from Waki Waffles, the first thing you do is decide between the Liège (pronounced as lee-yage) and Brussels. With my recent research, I learned that Belgian Waffles are the same as French Fries. It was a couple from Brussels who first added yeast into the recipe of a dish that is currently being enjoyed by people from all over the world. The reason why it was called Belgian Waffles (according to the Antwerp Tourist Guide) is because most Americans couldn't find Brussels in the map and instead referred to it as the Belgian Waffle. This led to its confusion. 

Brussels Waffle

One thing to remember about the Brussels waffle and North American waffle-- Brussels waffle uses yeast instead of the baking powder used by the latter to help the batter rise. This slight change in ingredient yields a different fermentation process and thus creates a huge difference with its taste. 

Difference between Liège and Brussels

At Waki Waffles, you get to choose between the two waffle varieties: Liège and Brussels. Distinctively, you can tell the waffles apart with their shape: rectangle (Brussels) and oval (Liège). Apart from this distinction, you can decide upon the two characteristics that make each different from one another. While the Brussels waffle is light and crispy, the Liège has a soft and chewy taste. Based on research, Liège waffles can even be eaten cold.

Liège Waffles

Brussels Waffle (Death by Chocolate P125)

Finally, the toppings of the two waffles can be varied. While the Liège is best for sweet toppings, the Brussles waffle can be used for both sweet and savory toppings because of its crispy composition. Waki Waffles even has a selection of savory creations that you can choose from-- pizza, chili con carne, nachos, and bacon with maple syrup. These creations can serve as a meal and not just a snack. 

Ordering from Waki Waffles

Once you've decided between the two waffles, your next job is to pick out the toppings that you would want to be added to your waffle. Keep in mind that each spread, fruit, cream, drizzle and sprinkles have a corresponding price. If you cannot choose from the options available, you can make do with one of the items suggested on the menu. 


You can also choose their Waki Bites if you want to taste different topping varieties on the Liège waffle. It only costs P79 for a box of 6. You can also get a box of 4 as pasalubong for only P199. 

Waki Bites

Waki Waffles Drinks

Waki Waffles has its own selection of hot and cold beverages that you can choose from. One of their bestsellers, Cucumber Tea is a truly refreshing treat. Every sip creates a cooling effect to your tastebuds, which is great if the weather outside is too hot. 

Waki Drinks

Cucumber Tea is the best! (middle)

It's really interesting to taste the different waffle varieties available at Waki Waffles. The taste of their waffles are definitely unique compared to the ones that have been introduced to us in the past. 

Waki Waffles is located in SM Center Cebu (across Payless Shoes and Sunburst) and in Ayala Center Cebu (across Persian Palate). They are open from 10:00am-9:00pm daily. 

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