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New Food Stalls in IT Park, Cebu

Photo from CebuHoldings

For someone who has spent the last year 'working' in IT Park, Cebu, looking for new places to eat can be a struggle. As a matter of fact, it is one of the biggest complaints amongst me and my friends-- having no more restaurant to try. We've tried just about everything in IT Park-- fast food, carenderia, cafe, and classy restaurants. But if you're spending 9-10 hours there every day, eating in the same restaurant can be frustrating.
Another complaint we've had is that we can't find somewhere decent to get French Fries-- apart from McDonald's, KFC, and Jollibee that is. So instead of just nibbling on something small, we're usually eating a full meal instead.
If you've had or heard these complaints in the past, you're not alone! We feel your pain and wish new establishments would open soon.
After walking around last Saturday, my boyfriend and I discovered a new place. This excited us a lot because this vicinity, even though it was just a small area with different food stalls, offered us something for a change. First of all, there's the foolproof Potato Corner stall. Before this, the nearest branch was in JY Square. With a new Potato Corner stall in IT Park, we could just walk there whenever we crave for some fries.

The stall next to it was Tiktilaok, which offered meals. I think this is a great way to eat a delicious roasted chicken meal without needing to buy an entire chicken.

Our favorite, Tatang's Lechon, also decided to put up a stall in this area of town. After they closed their branch in A.S. Fortuna, we discovered that they transferred to another area further down the road. If you're familiar with Cafe Trevino, that's where they are now. Unfortunately, they don't have seating available so your option is just to buy from the stall. I was told we could also eat in Cafe Trevino but after reading comments from their Facebook page, I learned that you need to order at least 2 dishes from the cafe so you will be allowed to eat your lechon order there. With a stall in IT Park, it gave us closer access to our favorite boneless lechon belly as well as a ventilated area to dine.

Another stall was Burger Joint so if you're in the mood for a delicious burger, all you need to do is head over to this area. You won't need to go all the way to The Gallery just to order your burger or Onion Rings.
There were a few other stalls available-- one selling liquor and another selling rice meals. With this new establishment in IT Park, office employees and BPO agents now have more options on where to eat; especially if you're craving for lechon or French fries.

The stalls mentioned above are located on the Ground Floor of Skyrise 1 Bldg., IT Park, Cebu City.

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