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My Fair Lady Jane Desserts

For a Bacolodnon based in Cebu, looking for a dessert place can be difficult. Not that there aren't any, it's just that the problem is that there is no establishment fully dedicated to cakes, pastries and other sweet items on the menu. More often than not, you have to settle with a cafe where you have to pay for overpriced cakes just so you can get your sugar fix. Or sometimes, you have to go with whatever dessert is on a restaurant's menu. Cebu city simply doesn't have enough places like Bacolod's CaleaFelicia's, or Quino's.

Thankfully, this changed with the opening of a dessert place by the name of Lady Jane in Banilad. Frequented mostly by Koreans, the dessert place has plenty of artsy and relaxing pieces of furniture where you can choose from. The interior is pleasant-- a bit of posh and functionality, combined together to produce a cafe that's unlike every other heavily commercialized cafe in the city. The hardwood tables are accentuated with a low hanging light intelligently providing ambient lighting to the food served in the cafe.


Upon entering the cafe, you'll be greeted by a display of some of the coffee bean variants offered by the establishment. On the side, there is a coffee grinder where they will prepare your preferred coffee bean fresh and strong. But apart from the aroma of the fresh coffee beans, Lady Jane stands by its category as a dessert cafe in Cebu. The menu consists of only a few items-- mostly cakes, pastries and a selection of beverages to relax your stomach after a hearty dinner.

On our visit, Guile and I were able to try a couple of items off their menu. Originally, I wanted to head to Scrapyard for a glass of Amaretto Sour after an afternoon juggling work and cooking Chicken Curry. Unfortunately, Scrapyard was closed and the receptionist at The Henry Hotel did not have any idea when they will reopen. So instead, we decided to check out Lady Jane.

Choux (P150)

Choux (P150)

It's been a while since I've visited Bacolod. Having a serious case of homesickness, my eyes went straight to the Choux cake waiting for me on the cake display counter. Back home, I would always eat Cream Puff from Calea so this was something that excited me. While it was a similar puff dough with cream in the middle, it was nowhere near the cake I was accustomed to. Don't get me wrong-- it was good, but it wasn't Calea.

Chocolat de Chocolat (P180)

Guile, meanwhile, ordered the Chocolat de Chocolat; an item that wasn't on their menu yet. The cake was layered with a light chocolate sponge cake with layers of cream and a slightly chocolatey taste sandwiched in the middle. It was good and tempting, yet I yearned for more of the usual cakes I grew up with.

I know I shouldn't compare these two establishments-- after all, Lady Jane's desserts were French inspired. But for someone who grew up with easy access to places like Calea, Felicia's, Quino's and plenty of other cafes, I suddenly realized how blessed I have been all along. And yes, how much I really miss home!

Lady Jane may have failed to impress me but it doesn't mean I'm giving up on it. I still have to find that one thing (or more) on their menu that will make me forget all about home. Or maybe I shouldn't forget about it at all and just accept the fact that I'd have to fly home whenever I crave for a delicious slice of Cream Puff or Chocolate Cake.

Darn it. I miss Bacolod.

Lady Jane Bakery is located on the 2nd floor of One Paseo, Saturnino Drive, Banilad, Cebu City. It is beside Henry's Hotel. Meanwhile, Cable Car is situated on the ground floor of the same establishment.

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