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Cafe Sarree Whips Up Memories of Good Food

If there's a dining stereotype that best suits Cafe Sarree, it would definitely fit well with the brunch scene. Imagine a lazy Sunday with family members, waiting for a delicious home-cooked meal-- the wait is always worth it, especially after spending time amongst close relatives. This is exactly what Cafe Sarree feels like-- a relaxing venue where you can enjoy a good meal.

Visiting Cafe Sarree is always a treat for me and my friends. If not as a place for dinner, it never fails as a dessert option. Considering there aren't too many cake shops in Cebu, Cafe Sarree is the closest thing to Bacolod's Cookies n' Crumbs or Manila's Mary Grace. There is a delicious mix of mains, salads, and desserts. Not to mention, they have a selection specifically for breakfast. For anyone who loves to eat breakfast for dinner, this is always a good thing.

Ground Floor

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One of the things to enjoy most about Cafe Sarree is that it comes in a posh interior complete with a high ceiling plus a second floor option for those who prefer to dine in large groups. The ground floor provides a good view of its neighboring establishments inside the Escario Central complex with its glass facade. Each table is perfect for intimate groups who want to relax on their padded seats or long couch.

Second Floor

Climb up the stairs and you'll feel like you're home-- heading up to your own bedroom. Instead, what  greets you is a wall filled with picture frames-- a collection of the owner's photos with famous culinarians, gastronomic creations, and autographed memorabilia. Looking at these photos, I discover a familiar face; my alma mater's very own Chef Richard Ynayan, founder of the Institute for Culinary Arts at the University of St. La Salle- Bacolod. Turns out, the owner of the establishment trained under ICA; which somewhat follows the same standards as AICA (my former Culinary Arts school).


Dining at Cafe Sarree is always a treat. There's never been a bad experience, aside from my own wrong decision of trying out their Liver Pate with Cranberry Jam. Don't get me wrong-- it's not because it's not a delicious dish, but simply because it reminded me that I don't really eat liver; whether it's in solid or fresh pate form. The cranberry jam did a good job of masking its taste though!

Liver Pate with Cranberry Jam (P 180)

Apart from this one experience, dining at the restaurant is always an enjoyable memory. The first time I ate there with my friends, I was excited to learn that they served couscous-- a staple grain found in Moroccan, Algerian, Mauritian, Tunisian, and Libyan cuisine. It always amazes me to discover that not too many people know about it, including my very own Dad. As a matter of fact, I made him try couscous before and he found it weird. It definitely is not a dish suitable for everyone's palate but I enjoy it! Unfortunately for me, Cafe Sarree's Couscous & Tuna Salad was only part of their weekly special and they didn't offer it anymore. But I still hope they do again or at least another restaurant in Cebu would serve it.

Couscous & Tuna Salad (P 235)

During that first visit, my friends shared the restaurant's Meaty Lasagna and their delicious mountain-high Adobo Flakes. I managed to try each dish and found them a delightful treat too!

Meaty Lasagna (P 235)

Adobo Flakes (P 220)


On days when we feel like eating dessert, Cafe Sarree is the choice that pops up into our minds. Among our favorite dessert treat at the restaurant is their Banoffee. Before trying Cafe Sarree's Banoffee, my favorite belonged to Banapple in Makati. But now that I've tried Cafe Sarree's, I've found a close match. Not to mention, it comes in a funky glass jar (which you can't take home unfortunately). Eating it alone, however, is not advisable as it can get too sweet-- so it's best to share with a loved one.

Banoffee (P 115)

Another recommended dessert treat is their Chocolate Baileys Trifle, which also comes in the stylish glass jar. It is a delicious blend of crispy meringue layered with sponge cake, a shot of Baileys Irish Cream, and finished with a generous serving of chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Baileys Trifle (P 115)

Their Strawberry Shortcake is also something good to try out for yourself or sharing in a group.

Strawberry Shortcake

Apart from the delicious food, intelligent interior, and reasonable prices, Cafe Sarree is in a convenient location. Tucked in Escario Central, it is the go-to destination if you're looking for a restaurant where you can spend a leisurely time with friends and family members; or even on a date with a loved one.

Cafe Sarree is located at Block 9, Bldg. A, Escario Central , N. Escario St., Cebu City.  They are open daily from 7:00 am - 10:00 pm.  For inquiries and reservations, please call (032) 254 5992.

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