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Quino's Cafe: Not Your Typical Cupcake Cafe

New discoveries in Bacolod City are not that difficult to discover. Especially in a city where practically everyone knows everyone, it is easy to come across a new establishment by hearing about it from a friend. In this case, I first learned about Quino's Cakes & Cupcakes through Facebook last year. With common friends raving about how good their cupcakes were, it wasn't difficult to build a credible reputation among the locals. And with this, the owners have decided to take their business off Facebook and put up an establishment of their own.

Having opened in less than a week, the cafe has turned into an overnight success. More than just its quaint interior, the cafe offers delicious cupcakes that are far from the usual kind: Cupcake de Coco, Pinata Cupcakes, Dulce de Leche, and Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes. If you're the type to stick to the usual flavors, you won't go wrong with their selection of favorites. Among the bestsellers include their Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Black Forest.

Brazo de Mercedes 

Brazo de Mercedes

Blueberry Cupcake

Intelligently decorated in a character that embodies the nature of a cupcake cafe, Quino's Cafe comes with hardwood floors and a baby color interior. Its facade is a welcoming sight with a picket fence on the side; an area where diners can choose to enjoy a lazy afternoon as long as it's not too hot out.

My personal favorite is the Puffyani, a miniature version of Calea's Cream Puff. It comes in a cork-sized serving just enough for one person. It is not too sweet, not too overpowering-- a perfect companion to a cup of brewed coffee.

Puffyani (P18)


With the intense summer heat, I recommend drinking one of their juices. I was able to try the Cucumber Juice and it was glorious! 

Cucumber Juice

As I learned, the cafe is owned by a husband and wife team from a family I have met since I was young-- the Ledesmas. True to their Christian nature, they have adorned the cafe with motivational and devotional books from their collection; as a way to inspire their clientele. They don't offer Wi-Fi and instead, encourage each other to actually engage in conversation; an oddity in today's time.

From what I gathered, Ann Ledesma never had culinary training as she studied to be a nurse. Her recipes and passion for baking these delicious treats are God's gift to her. And what started as a dream, God was able to provide the family for something they have been praying for.
We will not sell cupcakes, we will sell our passion." - John Ledesma, Quino's

Quino's Cafe is a newly opened cake and cupcake cafe located in Centro Ascalon, Lacson St., Mandalagan, Bacolod City. For inquiries, call 034 458 2092.

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