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Les Crepes Joyeuses for Your Crepe Cravings

As part of my Ilonggo heritage, I normally crave something sweet for breakfast. Having lived on a tapsilog, cornsilog, and McDo Chicken Fillet breakfast for the past six months, I make sure my breakfast is always something I enjoy fully. So when a huge craving for crepes came, I was only excited to finally try out the new cafe in Bacolod that served nothing but French crepes and coffee. Without any information online (yet), imagine my surprise when I discovered the establishment opened at 10:00 am. Since I normally wake up around 6 or 7 am, I had to wait until the cafe finally opened. Unfortunately, I had to visit another day.

Les Crepes Joyeuses is one of the new cafes in the city. Having only been open for a few months, the cafe has replaced the former location of Humo (which also moved to Robinsons' Citywalk). My first visit was with my sister and brother-in-law for our afternoon merienda on a slow Thursday.

Expecting they would be like Cebu's La Creperie Paris (will blog about it next time), I was a bit disappointed to discover they only offer dessert crepes and no options for galettes or savory crepes. Don't get me wrong, I like dessert crepes as well but for a full-sized cafe to only offer this... I found it a bit sad. I was already looking forward to trying a new savory crepe dish; much like the one I had in Makati's Cafe Breton. In my book, they are still the best spot to offer crepes. My ultimate favorite is their Galette Don Quixote, a delicious blend of ground chorizo, onion, tomatoes, cream, and mozarella cheese tucked in a light crepe bed. Mmmm...



With only dessert crepes to choose from, I believe the best time to visit Les Crepes Joyeuses is after a meal. Despite my disappointment, I was really relieved to discover that they provide generous amounts of the filling you choose with your crepe.

Their Mango Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream had a generous serving of ripe mangoes and was a delicious and light snack after a meal. The Strawberry Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream also served the same purpose but was drizzled with good strawberry sauce.

Mango Crepe with Ice Cream (P115)

Strawberry Confiture with Ice Cream (P80+P30 = P110)

I ordered their specialty, the Crepes Gianduja, which was actually a delicious dessert with a rich filling of roasted hazelnuts and almonds; almost similar to Nutella. Promising they only use Felchlin Gianduja for their crepes, you can really taste the difference with how rich its taste was. As suggested by our server, I had a serving of ice cream top over it and it was the best suggestion I took. The vanilla ice cream actually took away its 'umay' taste.

Crepes Gianduja with Ice Cream (P100 + P30 = P130)

Crepes Gianduja with Ice Cream (P100 + P30 = P130)

I'm ready for another visit soon! Who wants in?

Les Crepes Joyeuses is located on the Ground Floor of Mayfair Plaza, 12th St. Lacson, Bacolod City. They are open from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm daily.

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