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Explore Cebuano Street Food with Satay Satay

Nowadays, our hunt for good food no longer just relies on what our five senses tell us. In order to thoroughly enjoy a new restaurant, there needs to be one final basis to come up with your own judgment-- your experience. No matter how good or bad your experience was, there's always a story to tell behind that dish. And by sharing your story, you get to ignite the curiosity of other people to try the restaurant too.

My story starts, as always, with a craving for something out of the ordinary. Having been in Cebu for the past five months, I always make it a point to try new establishments and make a mental note to blog about them in the coming days. But as always, work gets the best of me and I find myself with a hundred or so images of food on my camera, their judgment awaiting to be divulged to other readers.

Finally, after surviving a long week at work, I felt it was time to try a new restaurant; a newly opened establishment that a friend and fellow blogger, Cebu's #1 food blogger-- Lami Kaayo, told me about. And in perfect timing-- since I was actually craving for it: Satay Satay. I mustered the urge to pay the month-old restaurant a visit with my foodie friends in tow. And boy, we were definitely hungry.

Satay Satay

Situated behind one of the popular hotels in Cebu, an open-air restaurant welcomed its diners with a homey and provincial ambiance. The smell of oozing peanut sauce filled the air and gave an impression of being transported to another country-- my hunger grew in anticipation of how delectable each dish would be.

On the night of our visit, there were only two tables occupied. It seemed perfect sense though, considering the rest of the city flocked to the malls for their regular payday sale shopping while we indulged in this sweet, new discovery. Seating ourselves in one of the wooden picnic benches, our servers greeted us a warm evening's smile and handed over their menu-- everything looked divine!

Large Puso (P14)

We were told that their house specialty, the 'Cook Yourself Satay Satay', was a bestseller. The experience starts here, as you get to submerge each blanched item in a boiling peanut hotpot; coating every part and leaving none uncovered.  As a dish priced at P288 fit for 2-3 persons, it was a definite steal! We made way to their self-serve chiller to pick out the dishes we wanted to get as part of the 12-satay set: chicken, pork, squid balls, shrimp, hot dog, quail eggs, and crabstick. We decided to be adventurous and get them all. Along with these ingredients, we were served 8 kangkong sticks: all of which, are included in the set.

Cook Yourself Satay Satay (P288)

Cook Yourself Satay Satay (P288)

Cook Yourself Satay Satay (P288)

Curious to try other dishes, we also ordered the Halang Halang, a local spicy beef broth that Cebuanos love. Trying it felt weird, unsure, and oddly addicting-- it was spicy, yes. But it felt like a good kind of spice; something you wanted to keep consuming until the last drop.

Halang Halang (P88)

Our server brought us the Cebuano Tempura Satay, the usual tempura that can be bought from a bola-bola stand. This time, however, it was served in a stylish glass with its mild sauce swimming on the base. The Canadian owner proudly came up to us and informed us that it was one of his specialty dishes, an item that was far from the usual tempura.

Cebuano Tempura Satay (P98)

Craving for fish, we were pleased to see our ordered Deep Fried Orange Telapia Satay and Boneless Bangus BBQ arrive at our table. The telapia was crispy and had a delicate taste to it, something only a fresh item could muster to provide. Not to mention, the bangus was pleasant too-- a somewhat reminiscent of home cooked bangus without its complexities and pretensions.

Deep Fried Orange Telapia Satay (P138)

Boneless Bangus BBQ (P168)

Rubbing our bellies, as a sign of satisfaction after a delicious and hearty meal, the owner once again came up to our table and asked us how our experience went. Hearing our reply, he invited us to try their 'Jello Shots' and their special dessert, the Drunken Halo Halo. Curious to know what the latter was, we accepted the challenge and pinpointed amongst ourselves who would be responsible for what. I got the Drunken Halo Halo.

Jello Shots

Surprisingly, the P98 order of the Drunken Halo Halo was huge! It felt like half the size of a circular fish bowl with pure milk, crushed ice, and three chunks of Jello Shots floating on the center topped with a serving of vanilla ice cream. I took my spoon and sliced a small amount of jello and made sure it was covered with enough milk to mellow down its bitter taste. Expecting it would not be akin to my fancy, I was surprised when I managed to gorge down another spoonful-- and perhaps four more. On its own, the Jello Shot was strong for my liking but with the Halo Halo mix, it felt just right; a perfect end to a hectic work week.

Drunken Halo Halo (P98)

The owner also insisted that we try their Chicken Pandan BBQ, a really delicious take on the Thai delicacy. I found it an enjoyable treat-- juicy chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves; none of the burnt taste on the meat!

Chicken Pandan BBQ (P198)

Thanking our host, we bid farewell to a good night's meal. The taste of the satay playing a sweet symphony in my mouth. Yes, it was definitely a good meal. Too good that I'm already counting the days to my next visit.

Satay Satay is situated along Morales Street, behind Harold's Hotel. They open from 5pm to 2am every day. For inquiries, call 0923 636 5935 or 0942 379 6899.

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