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Now Let Me Tell You About My Pungko Pungko Experience...

Allow me to put a break from my usual style of writing and just interest you in this oddly delicious yet obviously unhealthy and unsanitary meal that Cebuanos are popularly known for. It is a well-loved way of eating that they enjoy, no matter how affluent their riches are. In the most basic of terms, it is a 'cowboy/cowgirl' style of eating, where you just have to make do with what's available in front of you. Seated on one table with other diners, you have to pick out the pieces of fried innards and Ngohiong that you wish to indulge in together with puso rice.


Yes, my dear readers, I have experienced the infamous Pungko-Pungko-- where you get to eat outdoors and with nothing but just a plastic glove as your plate and another as a utensil. It is unfortunate that I only got to try eating this on my fourth month in Cebu, succumbing to the number of times my friends Jenna and Angelo have raved about it. In their stature, you would never expect them to eat something as common and unhealthy; but they swear by it with such an intense conviction that I finally decided to give in.

Even though I am a food blogger, I make sure that the food I eat are carefully chosen so that I don't have to pay by sacrificing my health in the future. But this does not mean I do not fail to give in to unhealthy treats every once in a while. Especially since I promised myself that by the time I'm 30, I will already give up pork and beef to follow in the footsteps of my grandparents; (who at the age of 80+) are still able to function normally albeit a few complains.

So imagine my friends' surprise when I invited them to eat Pungko-Pungko again, the following week. To be fair, I've only eaten twice and have not exceeded my normal consumption; yet I still hope I can eat there again before I leave Cebu (ehem, ehem).

My meal: 2 pieces of Ginabot and 2 pieces of Puso

Be warned though, it is not for the frail at heart and stomach (if I may add). My friends have warned me against eating in Pungko-Pungko as there have been many that encountered a bad stomachache or food poisoning; given the conditions of how the food is served. In my case, however, I have been lucky not to experience either misfortune; a sign perhaps that my stomach is stronger than people expected it to be-- especially since people assume I am not the type to eat at carinderias and other areas. THAT or simply because my friends brought me to what they call the cleaner Pungko-Pungko place, which was where it originated from.

I have to agree, you can't leave Cebu without trying Pungko-Pungko at least once in your life. Just make sure you are also careful about trying this experience!

There are plenty of Pungko-Pungko stalls located around Cebu City. The one I visited is across Apple Tree Hotel, J. Llorente St., Capitol Site, Cebu City.

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