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Cafe Tiala: Hands Down, My Most Kikay Dining Experience

In Cebu, there's an abundance of Korean owned cafes worthy of visiting-- Cafe Noriter, Cafe Namoo, Gentlemen Cafe, Sunday 2pm, and the latest Cafe Tiala. Throughout the duration of my stay in Cebu, I haven't been able to explore as much restaurants as I should have but I'm making the most out of my last few days (Search for #27DayCebuChallenge on Instagram). I will be making a conscious effort to explore as much of these Korean owned cafes but for today, my concentration is on the newly opened Cafe Tiala.

After discovering 2 Story Kitchen in Dumaguete last year, I already knew what to expect from its Cebu branch. Just the same with the other Korean owned cafes that frequented Cebu, the interior and concept was pretty much the same: Post-It Notes, a second-floor set-up, and wooden furniture. So when my blogger friend, Lami Kaayo, invited me to eat in Cafe Tiala just a few days after it opened, I opened my mind to the possibilities. What transcribed from that visit, however, surprised me most. So much so that I have named the experience as one of the most Kikay dining moments I had.

Upon entering the cafe, you get greeted by the waitresses clad in a pink Maid uniform or Lolita costume. They greet you a warm hello and guide you to where you prefer to sit, whether in one of the small private cubicles or the makeshift second floor area, where you'd have to remove your shoes and leave them by the hidden cubicle on the staircase. Considering it was an extremely hot Monday, Marco and I decided to stay upstairs so the air-conditioning would be no problem. After taking photos of the bottom portion of the cafe, we headed to the second floor and were greeted by this cutesy patootsie.

Marco and I had a picture with this doll!

photo by Marco of Lami Kaayo

Our waitress followed with a glass of cold water and a plate of cookies and Stik-O chocolate wafers, a complimentary treat for us. Wasting no time, we decided to order out of the dainty menu handed to us. Considering it was a cafe, the selection included a variety of beverages and some food items that were too appealing to miss out on.

The Menu

Complimentary Treats


Props to Marco (LamiKaayo) for this setup! 

Tiala Sandwich (P179)

Marco ordered the Tiala Sandwich-- a medley of ham, cheese, ripe tomatoes, and greens on a bed of Ciabbata bread with a serving of fresh greens and a bowl of fruit cocktail on the side. Priced at P179, you can add P50 to add a drink with your order. You can choose from one of their selection of coffee, hot tea, sodas, smoothies, and many more.

Chapagetti with Rice (P129)

Meanwhile, I ordered their Chapagetti with rice, a favorite Korean product of mine made from a pack of instant noodles. It was a generous serving of Korean spaghetti made from black beans, a delicious treat good to share with a friend for only P129. The same P50 additional charge was applicable for those who wanted to upgrade their order with a drink.

Banana Smoothie and Strawberry Smoothie

For our drinks, we ordered the Strawberry Smoothie and the Banana Smoothie, a perfect accompaniment for a hot lunch date.

The room with a PS3 console


As mentioned, this was my most Kikay dining experience. Apart from how the place was set up, the cafe also had a number of additional freebies that you can borrow during your visit-- Free WiFi, use of Wii, PS3, TV, leg massage machine, hair iron, and blankets. I couldn't get over how kikay the whole experience was! I hoped I had my younger siblings with me to share the experience, maybe next time.

One of the ten private rooms on the first floor

What amazes me most about these Korean owned cafes is how effortless they conceptualize and maximize their space by creating a second-floor option. Cafe Tiala's attention to detail and keen observance to their theme proves to be something to rave about. If you've always wanted to be treated like a princess, now is the best time to visit! 

The makeshift second floor

Day 26 is down and I have a few more restaurants to visit and try out. Stay tuned to find out more. Also, if you're in Cebu within the next 26 days and want to join me on one of these 'Good Food Trips,' send me a message so we can set a date!

Cafe Tiala is located at the 2nd Floor of The Forum Bldg., Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City. It is right beside the newly renovated Cebu Grand Convention Center and just before you go up the flyover to cross Escario. The cafe is open daily from 10:00am until 12:00 am. For inquiries, call 032-260-5503.

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