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Blue Elephant Sky Lounge: Delicious Thai Dining from Up in the Sky

What a view! Photo by EazyTraveler

It may not exactly be the tallest point in Cebu City but if you're looking for a restaurant with a view, Blue Elephant Sky Lounge definitely fits the bill. Situated on the 19th floor of Apple One building, Blue Elephant is considered as Cebu's very own 71 Gramercy-- where all the hip and vibrant locals dine and wine in the heart of the metro. Its food may be there to surprise you, but its view is what invites you to this posh dining experience.

Photo from OneSettingAtATime

I've always wanted to visit the restaurant but never had companions to join me. So when my Bacolod friends (Jenna & Angelo) invited, I did not hesitate. Plus, I'll only be in Cebu a few more days...


Amazing shot by EazyTraveler

There are three sections available-- an air-conditioned mezzanine area brightly lit for lively dining; a second air-conditioned area below that can accommodate private parties; and finally, the open and dim lounge area, where all the socializing takes place. Even on a Tuesday night, the restaurant was abuzz and full of diners enjoying their food. When planning to visit, always make sure you have a reservation as the restaurant can get pretty full. Not to mention, it often gets booked for birthdays, events, and corporate gatherings.

Amazing shot by EazyTraveler

A cover charge of P300-P350 per head is imposed (depending on where you choose to sit), inclusive of food and drinks. But considering the items on their menu, the cover charge somehow is good for a dish (and sometimes a drink) that you can share with your friends. If you're not particularly keen on rave music, it might be best to sit indoors as this is the type of music that they play even during dinnertime.


With their original branch situated at The Walk, IT Park, Blue Elephant had a fine offering of Thai dishes mixed with a few Filipino favorites such as Crispy Pata and Sisig. Their bestsellers, according to Foursquare users, were the Steamed Seafood Curry in Coconut Shell and the Crocodile Sisig; along with other exotic dishes made out of Ostrich meat.


As an appetizer, we ordered the Roti with a mild dip that we found sweet. My friends and I found the Roti bread too crispy and wished we had really good curry sauce to dip it into instead of what was provided.

Salt & Pepper Squid

Our next dish was the Salt & Pepper Squid, a delicious serving of calamari deep fried in a batter with its namesake as the two flavors prominent. It was good!

Korean BBQ Ribs

A common favorite was the Korean BBQ Ribs, which had mildly tender meat. Given our sitting position, it was quite difficult to enjoy eating our meal hunched over our table. Without a second thought, we ate the meat with our hands. YUM!

Pad Thai

Call me a food snob but whenever I'm in a Thai restaurant, I judge how good it is according to its Pad Thai. Knowing this, I ordered the dish to share with my friends. At first, the dish lacked the sourness that I have come to enjoy from this cuisine so I thought of adding calamansi. Unfortunately, the dish did not come with a calamansi on the side so I had to make use of the one on my serving of Bagoong Fried Rice (which was an absolute favorite of mine). After adding in the calamansi, I was finally able to enjoy the dish. The shrimp that came as a topping was cooked to perfection-- juicy and still had that seductive curve. Unfortunately, there was only one shrimp on the plate and my friends were unable to taste it.

Bagoong Fried Rice

Crab Meat Fried Rice

When it comes to ordering rice, you can choose between a single serving or a platter. While I ordered my Bagoong Fried Rice for myself, it was good enough to feed 2-3 people. Meanwhile, my friends ordered the Crab Meat Fried Rice platter; which wasn't enough for them.  

Crocodile Sisig

Angelo ordered the crocodile sisig. As an adventurous eater, I decided to try the crocodile (my first time). Among all the dishes served that night, this was the one I disliked most. I'm unsure if it was just how the dish was cooked but there was a swampy, almost muddy taste to the meat. No, it did not taste like chicken. I am still open to trying crocodile meat one more time, but perhaps in a restaurant best known for the dish.

All in all, the food was enjoyable (except for the crocodile sisig), the ambiance was okay (there were a few kids running around and screaming plus the rave music was not conducive while you're trying to enjoying your meal); and the service was impeccable. I would gladly return to eat in the restaurant when I'm back in town!

Blue Elephant Sky Lounge is situated on the 19F Apple One Tower, Biliran Road, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. They are open from 5:00pm to 2:00am daily. For reservations and inquiries, call 032 5117600.

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