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Tiffany's Confections: A Delightful Experience

Working in Cebu for the last four months have been a whirlwind of emotions-- sometimes enjoying with friends, often working too hard. But if there's something to enjoy about the city, it would definitely be its broad selection of cuisines and restaurants to choose from. Indeed, it is one consolation I can reward myself whenever I feel homesick. After not being back in Bacolod since the Holidays, I had a deep urge to go home one weekend. Almost three months later, and I was in a hurry to go back-- at least for a weekend.

Taking a photo of Mt. Canlaon while on board Cebu Pacific-- felt like a bad ass!

Arriving at the crack of dawn on a Sunday, I was too excited to explore how much the city had changed. After reading about newly opened restaurants and the booming economy sector of my hometown, I was eager to see how things have changed during my short absence. Surprisingly, I can name at least two new restaurants and cafes, a hotel, and even a newly renovated restaurant-- indeed, life was bustling in the city.

I made it a point to visit one of these new establishments so I could revive my food blog. After having been working and writing non-stop for a company, my weekends have been spent “trying” (emphasis on trying) to relax and of course, attending to my Church duties. So after spending nearly three months of following a weekly routine consisting mostly of work-sleep-church-laundry-and-repeat, I decided that this overnight stay in Bacolod would be my official rest weekend.

Seeing as to how much I missed cooking and in turn, the number of people that have missed me, my objective of 'resting' turned into a series of hanging out with different members of my family and friends. If you've never been to this laid-back part of the country, “hang out” actually means either eating lunch/dinner or having coffee/cake. In my case, it was all of the above! Without my approval, my arrival quickly turned into just a few minutes before my scheduled plane ride back to my temporary “home.” But not before I visited the newest cafe, Tiffany's Confections.

Along 8th St. Lacson

 The cafe is actually a converted garage 

It was one of those days-- where I couldn't decide where to go for coffee; where my demand for a delicious cup of Joe reigned higher than just having a quick fix. One of those days where I wanted a quality cup of coffee and just not to be seen. Yes, definitely not to be seen. The years I've spent as a freelancer has taught me to get to know myself and identify that when days like these arise, no amount of coffee from Starbucks or Coffee Bean can appease. It was one of those days when I actually wanted to slowly savor and enjoy my hot cup of coffee without worrying about a deadline; or whether or not the seat I took was nearby a power outlet; or if the cafe had free Wi-Fi.

Yes, it was definitely one of those days.

Accompanied by my sister, it was actually she who told me about this newly opened haven-- a remnant of one of our favorite cafes in Manila, Mary Grace. Complete with its steel patio seats and dainty interior, the cafe looked like an actual Pin brought to life: with its decorative chalkboards and carefully prepared text, serving trays, among other things. Tiffany's gave us a flashback of the garden area of Mary Grace in Serendra. Only this time, it was away from the hustle and bustle of both vehicular and on-foot traffic. Oh and yes, the absence of delicious pasta and salad selections from the menu. Thankfully, there was cake-- and coffee too!

My favorite part of the cafe!

Entering the quaint cafe, my sister introduced me to the young belle behind the counter, who turned out to be the owner-- Tiffany. While stirring a fresh batter, she looked up and gave a warm smile. 'Di ba taga St. Scho ka?' she asked. (You're from St. Scho, right?) I smiled back and told her about our common friends-- the Consing sisters.

So dainty!

My sister ordered the Leche Flan, a typical Filipino dessert made from caramelized egg yolks, evaporated milk, and condensed milk. Served in a souffle dish, the dessert resembled crème brulee; with a clear layer on top and its caramelized sugars enveloping it. The amount of sweetness it had was the perfect accompaniment to the freshly brewed cup of coffee served to us.

Leche Flan (P 50)

Meanwhile, I was in on a mission. I wanted to try something different, anew to my liking; yet light enough to keep me happy. The waiter pointed out the new items on their menu and one of them caught my attention: the Kalabasa Cream Cheese Roll. I settled for the Kalabasa Cream Cheese Roll simply because it had two ingredients that I loved: Kalabasa (Squash) and Cream Cheese. Upon its arrival on our table, I expected the taste of the roll to be similar to that of mashed squash-- though a bit weird, it may have been the reason why I decided to go for the roll. Much to my surprise, the roll actually tasted decent. Its amount of cream cheese went really well with the kalabasa sponge to the point that it felt like eating a regular cake. Despite finding it delicious (and strange), I kept searching for a more pungent taste of the vegetable.

Kalabasa Cream Cheese Roll (P 70)

We also ordered a Kalamunding Bar (Calamansi), simply because I loved to eat Lemon Pies. Though I expected it to be more sour, its taste was balanced by sweet flavors; remembering that this was, after all, Bacolod City. Locals would be more akin to sweet instead of sour tastes.

Kalamunding Bar (P 12)

After having been drinking 3-in-1 coffee for the past three months, it was such a delight to have been served a freshly brewed cup of coffee that I found myself smiling as I inhaled its aroma, delighting myself before taking a sip-- afraid that my cup would soon end and I would be reminded that it was time to go back to my life in Cebu.

Brewed Coffee (P 35)

Until then Tiffany's. Until then. I shall be dreaming of that delicious Kalabasa Cream Cheese Roll again tonight.

Tiffany's is located at #6 8th Lacson Street, Bacolod City. It is in the small street along Chowking Lacson. They are open from Monday – Saturday from 11:00am – 7:00pm. For inquiries, call 09228008178.

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