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I Found It! I Found Alpine White!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found the solution to life's problems! Well, my problems, at least.

A few years ago, I posted (on one of my many blogs) my hunt for a childhood favorite that was lost throughout the years. I can't remember where I posted it but I know it was on one of my previous blogs. Anyway, I posted that I was looking for a favorite chocolate bar of mine that was no longer available in the Philippines. When I researched some more into it, other countries did not offer it for sale anymore as well. If my memory serves me right, I enjoyed that particular bar of chocolate up until the late 1990s before it vanished from our shelves. In its place, Hershey's Cookies and Cream chocolate took over.

  An old commercial for the chocolate bar

Up until today, there is a very limited number of options if you're looking for a bar of white chocolate. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy almost every type of chocolate (except for mint chocolate) there is-- dark, semi-sweet, caramel, etc. But really, among the first chocolate bars, one of them stood out from the rest because it was white chocolate: Alpine White.

Photo from Jadetora.blogspot.com

If you're an 80s baby (like me), you probably remember this particular bar of chocolate. And you probably remember how it was discontinued suddenly-- without even so much as a warning. Seeing that it got replaced by Cookies and Cream, I tried it out but did not really enjoy eating it so much. Occasionally, I would grab a bar of Cookies and Cream. But every single time I did so, my heart stung a little; reminding itself of the past love I had for Alpine White, hoping that one day I'd come across it once again. It felt like I was cheating on a former flame, so I never indulged myself too much on its replacement. 

Another white chocolate bar that people told me to try was Milka, a recommendation that was so different from my original love. 

Picture from Amazon

Earlier today, I went to visit a French restaurant known for its amazing setup and its wine cellar. Instead of visiting at night, I went during breakfast so I could enjoy a cup of good coffee and some croissants. Needless to say, I loved every single minute and will be blogging about it in another encounter. But just a preview, here's what it looked like:

La Vie Parisienne
After paying for my order, I glanced around some of the other items they sold in the boulangerie (bakery) until I saw it. The packaging was so different yet it seemed so familiar, its name unrecognizable but I knew without a doubt, I had found my one true love: Alpine White. 

Galak Chocolate (P140)
Named Galak, the packaging said it was white chocolate. And knowing that Alpine White was made by Nestle before, I knew it had to be it! I hurried home to try it out and boy, it did not disappoint. 

Opening its aluminum wrapping, I took a minute to smell the chocolate-- something I normally do not do. But one whiff of its enticing skin transported me back to my childhood years. One bite and I could not help but close my eyes, my heart fluttering with this unexpected reunion; a comeback of my heart's desire. At last, I found my heart. All along it's been wrapped in this medley. Now excuse me while I celebrate with my rekindled love.

So far, I have seen Galak chocolate in La Vie Parisienne, Gorordo Street, Cebu City. Each bar is sold at P140. If you have seen it elsewhere, please comment it below!

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