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Discovering the Desserts at Casa Verde

Back in December, my friends in the office and I decided to have lunch out before we parted ways for the Holidays. Our first choice was to go to CMYK Cafe but considering we didn't have the same work schedule, we decided to get dessert at Casa Verde right across our office in IT Park. Since we were fans of dessert, we opted to get our sweet tooth fix instead of having a full course lunch. At the same time, it was a great choice so we won't have to spend a lot of money.

Photo from Life is Kulayful
When we arrived at Casa Verde, The Walk, there were only a few tables occupied. Don't get me wrong, it's just that really, we eat lunch at 10:30 am so our dessert was around 11am. Upon arriving, I suddenly remembered the one too many times my friends and I ate at Chili's in Greenbelt, Texas Roadhouse in BGC, and TGI Friday's. True to its American-style casual dining, Casa Verde took to its nature in serving ribs, steaks, and burgers.

My new friends at the office: Rubz & Nawe
But we were there with a mission: to satisfy our sweet tooth. There was no stopping us. Out of the 5 dessert options they had on the menu, we ordered three.

The first to arrive was the Death by Chocolate. If you're a fan of chocolate, this is something you should really try. True to its name, it is a dish with layer upon layer of chocolate-- everything that you can probably think of. To start with, it had a chocolate cookie crust on the bottom molded together to produce a tingling bite in your mouth. Next is the generous serving of chocolate and nutty rocky road ice cream, bits of chocolate bars bursting upon every bite. Coated over the chocolate ensemble is yet another layer of quick-hardening chocolate syrup, producing an ever delightful crunching noise. And if that's not enough chocolate, the ensemble is drizzled with a proportionate amount of chocolate syrup.

Death by Chocolate | Casa Verde (P130)
Next on our table was the Lauren's Lava, a usual favorite of mine that I loved to scrutinize, even when I was still in Manila. Having some background in culinary arts, I have a penchant for judging how good a restaurant is with the lava cake they serve (if they serve it at all). My beef about the dessert is that when I slice through the cake layer using my fork, the chocolate needs to ooze out just like how hot lava would. Often times, I am left disappointed with this and give the cake a second chance. Unfortunately, plenty have lost their charm on me.

With Casa Verde's Lauren's Lava, however, it was a totally different story. While there wasn't much of the chocolate that oozed out to enthrall me, giving it another chance proved to be a really wise decision. It was a heaping serving of moist chocolate cake topped with a layer of vanilla ice cream covered in the same hard chocolate coating on the previous dish. It was a heavenly treat that I look forward to meeting once again.

Lauren's Lava | Casa Verde ( < P150)

Finally, to break the chocolate upon chocolate habit, we decided to get the Strawberry Shortcake Banana Split. If Banana Split made love to a cake, this would definitely be its offspring. While I felt sad for the small portion of strawberry shortcake (compared to the banana split), it was a refreshing take on an old familiar treat I've been enjoying as a child. What I loved most about this dessert was that there was a generous supply of strawberry preserves on top of the cake. Lami kaayo!

Strawberry Shortcake Banana Split | Casa Verde ( < P150)
Overall, I enjoyed my food trip with my office friends. Most of all, I'm enjoying my stay in Cebu. It definitely is a new chapter in my life that I am more than willing to explore and taste the different restaurants in Cebu that are awaiting me! Stay tuned for my next good food trips :)

Casa Verde has three branches throughout Cebu. The branch I visited was at The Walk, A104, Asiatown, IT Park, Cebu City. They are open from Monday to Sunday 10:00am - 10:00pm. For inquiries and reservations, call +63 32 4123336. Visit their website for more information on their food and other branches.

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