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Owl Avenue RestoBar Opens in Homesite


Owl Avenue RestoBar in Bacolod is one of those usual neighborhood joints in Bacolod that are either a hit or miss. Tucked away in the quiet area of Homesite, you’ll find a very small restaurant with an atmosphere that’s easy to appreciate.

Complete with delicious food and affordable prices, it’s easy to see why many will grow fond of this restaurant. As a matter of fact, just a few weeks before I left Bacolod (in search for better opportunities), I frequented the restaurant several times; bringing in a set of different friends each time.


There really is something nostalgic about Owl Avenue that makes me choose it over other restaurants in the city. Perhaps it’s the laid back atmosphere of the place, or the friendly staff that seems to remember you by your face; but there’s really something comforting about being in the restaurant.

It reminds me of a lazy afternoon during my High School days, where I would just hang out at one of my friend’s houses. Or it might be because when I’m there, I could just eat my order in piece and watch older people play tennis right in front of me. It may also be the fact that the staff makes an extra effort to recognize you by face, and you can be comfortable enough to call the manager ‘Tita.’ And really, she doesn’t mind earning a random goddaughter.

The Food

During my visits in the restaurant, I made it a point to try out different items. But if there’s one thing I would keep going back for, it would definitely be the delicious Shawarma and pair it with the refreshing Lemonade! Heavenly!

Shawarma (P39)
Owl Avenue RestoBar
I particularly like their shawarma because it was flavorful and packed with toppings. You can eat the shawarma alone without the garlic or hot sauce because the meat was so tasty. It seemed like the Chef marinated it in a delicious recipe, left it to soak the flavor, before cooking it. Unlike other shawarma places, the taste of the shawarma doesn’t depend on the sauce. And writing this, I remember my Culinary Arts instructor telling us that ‘the sauce should only compliment the dish. The dish should not rely on the sauce for flavor.‘ This made sense here at Owl Avenue. I would definitely recommend trying to eat it without the sauce.

Original Owl Burger (P50)
Owl Avenue RestoBar
The Original Owl Burger that I got to taste was another dish to compliment. It was good but not really something to brag about. But for its price, it was reasonable enough to let pass by. The fries were pretty good though!

Chicken Burger (P50)
Owl Avenue RestoBar
Another dish I got to try was the Chicken Burger. It was relatively okay. I felt like it could have been better since they used Chicken Fingers as the patty. It was a little dry to my liking.

Photo from their Facebook Account
During a hot day, I would recommend visiting Owl Burger just for their fresh Lemonade. Whenever I go to the restaurant, I would always order this and brag about it to my friends. It doesn’t taste like a pack of fruit juice poured into water. As a matter of fact, you can see sliced lemons and cucumber inside the pitcher. It’s really refreshing! After checking their Facebook page, I got to see that their pitcher was only P25 instead of the P50 on the photo. 

Here's the menu they have on their FB page too:

If you’re interested to pay a visit to the restaurant, I would recommend going in the mid-late afternoon as it can get pretty hot after lunch. But with a pitcher of lemonade to cool you down, there’s no reason not to go!

Owl Avenue RestoBar opened last August 2013 in their Homesite branch. They can be found right beside the original location of Lord Byron’s Backribs, near Homesite Tennis Court. They open from 10:00am – 8:00pm everyday.

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