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So Far... This is the Only 24-Hour Cafe in Bacolod

Cake display
One thing I miss most about Makati is the fact that at 2 in the morning, there are still a number of coffee shops you can go to. Especially on weekends, your options include Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, Bo's, and many more. Unlike Makati, life in Bacolod is far from it. This is one thing you will really have to get used to when you make a big decision to move to the city. Where almost everything closes at 10pm, there's one cafe that's still awake; mainly to cater to the call center agent's lifestyle.


TopSi Tur-B is (so far) the only cafe in Bacolod that's open 24 hours a day. Situated in front of Panasiatic Call Center, it is the first cafe that also serves food and beer. Apart from being open 24 hours a day, another reason to visit is because they serve free coffee whenever you order a piece of cake. The promo is ongoing from 2pm to 6pm daily. Their coffee is not that special though, because it's only a prepacked 3-in-1 native coffee. But who cares-- it's free! They also have a free refill for your coffee order. Your P20 cup entitles you to a second refill for only P10 and your third cup is free.

Apple Pie
Mango Mousse P65 with free cup of coffee 
During my visit, I inquired about the name of the cafe. If my memory serves me right, the reason for their name is "Toppings, Sinangag, Turon, Beer" thus; TopSi Tur-B. Also, when I visited the cafe, their seats weren't too comfortable to sit on as they were made of cheap plastic. But after looking at the cafe's Facebook page, I was interested to give them another shot because they changed their chairs. It's good to know that they listened to their customers.

They also have a wide selection of flavors for their mousse cakes. Their bestseller is the avocado. If you want to try a piece of each flavor, you can opt for their Carnival Mousse for only P550.

Carnival Mousse, P550
Photo from TopSi Tur-B FB Page
If you're looking for a place where you can eat quality food while working on your laptop (they have free Wi-Fi), TopSi Tur-B is an option you should consider. I haven't tried their food yet but it's on my to-do list. As for the cakes, they were pretty decent. I'm more excited to try their food.

TopSi Tur-B is located at Unit 1, Hi-Strip 5 Bldg., Circumferential Road, 6100 Bacolod City (right across Panasiatic). They are in the same building as the new Cookies n Crumbs cafe. You may call them at (034)4352879 or 09157281333. They are open 24 hours everyday. 

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