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Meet My Two Loves at the 6th Street Cafe


One of the defining moments of my life as a food blogger writer is that whenever there's a new restaurant in town, I am the first person my friends ask about. Most of the time though, I am not the first to discover these new places. Sometimes, my sister or my friends are the ones who tell me about a new place in town and that is when I invite them to try it out with me. Often, I end up going to the restaurant with them that I forget to do my thing and start taking pictures of the food. As a result, I have to return so I can take pictures and review the place based on my own experience. In other cases, I come to know about a new place in passing. That is how I am able to blog about a place early. Nonetheless, I am not competing with anyone on who the first person is to blog about a particular place. I take my time in organizing my thoughts before I even start writing. There are also times when I want to gather as much photos of the establishment so I can include them all in one post. But since I often eat alone, I have to return two or three more times just so I am not perceived as matakaw.

The reason why I talked about my blogging habit is because my next post is a cafe that I've visited 3, maybe 4 times in the past month. Albeit being new, I'm pretty sure some people have already seen the place and developed a curiosity over it.

The first time I visited 6th Street Cafe was because of my sister (Hi, Bot!) Her husband was at work and she wanted to grab a cup of coffee with me so we decided to take the jeep from their home in Eroreco and commute all the way, riding a trisikad on the corner of Shopping and 6th St. She then told the guy to bring us to Munsterrific-- and that was how we got to our new destination.


Outside, the cafe looked small and simple. But once you enter the establishment, all your mindset is instantly changed and you are left in awe of the playful interior: simple yet intelligent. Using only recycled wood from an old house, the cafe was able to transform itself yet still maintain its sophisticated flair. I was able to learn that the cafe's interior and furniture was designed by Mr. Carlo Sason; one of the budding furniture designers in Bacolod. Interestingly enough, I was able to talk with Carlo and he informed me that the wood used on the walls, chairs and tables came from one house. Additionally, they did not scrape off the original paint in order to achieve its rustic appeal. Looking at his Facebook page, I'm already envisioning what my future home will look like!

Furniture by Sason Shop Inc. 
Furniture by Sason Shop Inc.

On the many occasions I stepped foot in the cafe, I was only able to eat their cake and drink their coffee. The cafe offers a selection of Starters, Salads, Soups, Sandwiches, Pasta and Main Course Dishes. Some of my friends say that the food is too expensive for them, while I find that it is reasonable enough. However, I just have to make sure that I'm eating there alone so I don't end up paying for my friends' tab. I'll have a lonesome date one time and really try their delicious food!

On my first visit, my sister ordered their French Fries while I ordered Cafe Latte. They have good and affordable coffee!

Iced Latte 
French Fries
I loved their pastry display because it stayed true to its theme-- rustic, classic, and posh. 

Speculoos Cheesecake
 One of the cakes that caught my eye was the L'Opera. Since I was missing Bizu's L'Opera cake, I decided to order it too.

L'Opera (P120)
Comparing it with Bizu's version was a terrible idea so initially, I was not really keen on their cakes. 

When one of my church friends (Hi LJ [guys, she's single!]) invited me to have coffee with them on a Sunday evening, I grabbed the chance to do so. There, I found the Speculoos Cheesecake; something that interested me but feared I would not like it. Instead, I ordered their Gateaux Au Chocolat (or chocolate cake). And that was when I fell in love... for the nth time. I liked it because it wasn't too sweet and instead of the classic filling, it had a mousse in place. 

And just like a crazy girl in love, I kept dreaming and craving for this cake for weeks. I told all my friends about it and swore it was the.best.cake.ever. I promised them that this was it! The one chocolate cake that I've been waiting for my entire life (I'm not a fan of moist chocolate cake, mind you). So I decided to bring my friends there on two consecutive Mondays-- without realizing (like other establishments in Bacolod) that is the only day of the week they close. 

With a broken heart, I decided to comment on their Facebook page just so I could have an assurance that they're still there. True enough, that was when I realized I visited them on Mondays. On the next day, I decided to return to my lover.

Gateaux au Chocolat (P95)
And the day after that.
Gateaux au Chocolat  (P95)
Only this time, it was a threesome with their Lemon Meringue Tart.
Lemon Meringue Tart (P80)
And I fell in love with it even more...

6th Street Cafe is located beside Munsterrific Convenience Store, along 6th Lacson Street, Bacolod City. They are open from 11:00am - 10:30pm on Tuesdays - Sundays. For inquiries, call (034) 703 1309. Don't forget to like their Facebook page!

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