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Future Date Place: Cafe 1925


Yesterday, I posted a photo on my Facebook and Instagram accounts of a cute little blue chef with the caption ‘Can anyone guess where I am right now…’ I had a few people asking me where I was and some tried to guess it. So yes, I am finally revealing the answer (yes Ying & Peter Paul! You both guessed right): Café 1925.

I love going to Silay City because it always brings about a new food trip. So when my sister invited me to have lunch with her in Café 1925, I said yes. After all, it was something completely new to me and it was out of town—the combination I needed to experience right now.

Without even just a proper address, we made our way to the gateway to Bacolod: Silay City.

From what friends told us, the café is located right behind the BPI in the city. And since there’s only 1 BPI office in Silay, I knew exactly where to get off from the jeep. When we reached our stop, we were able to locate the restaurant in no time.
You won't miss it!
True enough, Café 1925 was visible from the corner of BPI. It was just a few steps away so we slowly made our way, careful to enjoy the fresh air.

When we arrived in front of the café, I was already beaming with happiness. THIS… These are the types of cafes I love and enjoy writing about because of their quaint character and intelligently planned interior. 
The entrance
In lieu of a window, stained glasses adorned the façade of the cafe. Inside, the cafe exuded of a radiance that was much similar to other establishments in the city. A collection of paintings depicting that of an old Spanish home in Silay favored the walls and thus, added to the experience. 

Check out their weekly specials!
There were around 5 tables total!
The waiter welcomed us and brought us to our seats. Amidst the humid air outside, the cafe's air conditioning was inviting and comfortable enough to linger about. I chose the table next to the stained glass windows for a beautiful view of the dishes that were about to explode in our tastebuds. 
I chose this lovely spot.
It was almost too difficult to choose a dish to order because most of what I initially wanted were unavailable (Tomato Soup, Risotto Balls) so I settled for the Creamy Mushroom Pasta while my sister got the Bolognese. After spending an hour in local transportation, I decided to order the Bruschetta to feed my hungry stomach. 
The Menu
A few minutes later, our appetizer arrived in our table. I especially liked the Bruschetta because it had a lot of toppings on it. But after a few bites, I was taken aback by the amount of Balsamic Vinegar used on the bread. Some of the bread slices were, in fact, drenched and had already absorbed the strong liquid that it was too pungent for me to enjoy. I hope the chefs get to fix this because I really enjoyed the dish.
Bruschetta (P80) 
Bruschetta (P80)
Next that arrived was our pasta. After a few photographs on my trusted iPhone, I was satisfied and told my sister to eat her dish. 

Creamy Mushrooms (P180)
I am not a fan of tomato-based pasta dishes so I decided to order the Creamy Mushroom. The portioning of each dish would have been good for 2-3 persons. But since we didn't know that, we were stuffing ourselves with each dish we ordered. I loved the freshness of the mushrooms-- each bite brought about a juice that could have only come from a well-cultivated mushroom; either that of an oyster mushroom or chanterelle. A few bites later, I was already feeling fed-up with the dish. It would have been best if I brought along my younger siblings with me to enjoy this dish too; but they had school that day. 

Noticing my defeat, my sister took her fork and indulged herself in my dish. She then told me to switch plates with her Bolognese so I could try it too. Knowing my dislike for tomato pastas, I twirled my fork around the sauce first just to taste if it were any better than the rest.

True enough, I was able to enjoy the sauce so I agreed with the switch. Carefully, I delighted myself to the pasta dish; which I normally do not order. I especially liked how the tomato sauce tasted so fresh to my tastebuds that it was almost impossible to notice. 

Bolognese (P160)
Finally, dessert came and I had the waiter bring over a slice of their Calamansi Cheesecake to share with my sister. I've had a thing for calamansi and lemon cakes for the longest time. I've had a wonderful experience with Real Coffee's Calamansi Cupcakes in Boracay a few months ago and didn't want that to be overpowered by anyone so I made do with the cheesecake. 
Calamansi Cheesecake
When I took a photo of the cheesecake, I noticed how little its bottom crust was. It was too small for the amount of the cheesecake that I feared I would not enjoy it. After taking a bite, I was sad to be proved right. I hope that (like the Bruschetta) the chefs will increase the bottom crust on the cheesecake so that it would be perfect. Otherwise, it would just leave behind an 'umay' factor. 
Calamansi Cheesecake
Overall, I did enjoy my spontaneous trip to Silay with my sister. We both agreed that if our dad was still alive, he would definitely enjoy the pasta and the touch of Spanish influence in the cafe's interior too. It was moments like these I treasured most in life. 

I also think Cafe 1925 is a great date place... Now I just have to list this cafe until Mr. Right arrives.

Cafe 1925 is at 14 J. Ledesma St., Silay City, Negros Occidental. They are located behind BPI-Silay branch. They are open Mondays to Sundays (9:00am - 10:00pm) and Sundays (9:00am - 8:30pm). For more information call (034) 714 7414.

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