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Perfect Midnight Snack for Rainy Nights

I am a huge fan of Indian cuisine. Usually, the top 3 cuisine favorites of people close to me are Italian, Japanese, and American. But if you would ask me, it would go in this manner: Indian, Mediterranean, Thai, and Japanese.
Aloo Bhujia, P 95
Harmen's Indian Minimart

There’s really just something about Indian cuisine that I still can’t figure out why I like it so much. Perhaps it has something to do with the way the spicy aftertaste lingers in my mouth; not too harsh or overbearing.

So when I came home to Bacolod last February, I was very excited to discover that we already have 2 Indian restaurants in town. I thought that leaving Manila and all the Indian restaurant options I had would be a difficult choice but with the 2 new restaurants, I wouldn’t miss Manila at all… Well, that’s what I thought.

I tried visiting the two Indian restaurants on separate occasions and did not enjoy the food as much as I did in Manila. One of them (I will not mention), even served me Dal that was oily—too oily that the soup was already setting on the bottom part of the container. The other restaurant served a liquid-y version of my favorite Dal dish. Bad.

Five months later and I’m still craving for my usual favorites: Naan, Papadum, Aloo Bonda, Samosa, Dal, and so much more. Today, while my siblings and I were looking for a place where J-Pan Cakes could transfer to, we stopped in front of an Indian Mini Mart called Harmen’s Indian Minimart. I’ve always wanted to drop by but I never had the opportunity, so I made sure not to waste it.
I was in search for a particular snack, something my Indian ‘mom’/friend served me with before leaving Manila. Thankfully, I was able to find some and hurriedly bought it. It’s called Aloo Bhujia—they’re small spicy potato noodles that are a lot of fun to eat! Best paired with a glass of Coke err, Pepsi; they make for a delicious midnight snack minus the cholesterol. So while I await for my next trip to Manila, Aloo Bhujia will have to suffice for my Indian cuisine cravings.

A bit messy to eat though...

Wait for my next blog post where I’ll talk about my Indian ‘mom’ and her delicious cooking!

Harmen's Indian Minimart is located in the building right after Riverside Hospital. 

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