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Palawud Resto Grill & Bar: A Resto by the Port


A few nights ago, we finished the third and last day of a roller coaster fast in Church. We felt like we deserved to break our fast and dine at a delicious restaurant. So along with my older sister’s small group, we went to a new restaurant, which was getting a lot of praise from someone in our group.

Called Palawud Resto Grill & Bar, it was a short drive away from the original Pala-Pala (Dampa style in Bacolod). However, it is advisable that you bring a car when you go to the restaurant.

Palawud at night
Upon entering, I was in awe of the space of the entire establishment. It was very spacious and was just on the edge of the old Banago port. I borrowed some of the photos of their map on their Facebook page to better provide an idea of how to get to Palawud.

As expected, Palawud offered the usual menu found in grills: Sate Babi, Pork Sisig, Grilled Spareribs, and Inasal. Seeing that they were located just beside the port, seafood was also a part of the food they offered.

I was a bit disappointed though because they did not have any shrimp left. I really wanted to eat their Chilli Garlic Shrimp but since it was unavailable, I made do with the Grilled Spareribs. At the same time, people told me that it was the most popular dish in the restaurant.

Grilled Spareribs with Rice (P150)
Surprisingly, the spareribs had a very familiar taste to me. I feel like I’ve eaten it in the past but I just could not remember where I had it before. What I liked about the dish was that it was not overly cooked. It was delicious and had a lot of flavour to it. Despite my diet, I was able to finish what was on my plate because of how delicious the meal was.

My other companions ordered the Kinilaw and an order of Sinigang. I was unable to try them though so I promise to give them another shot; along with the shrimp order, when I return.

Tangigue Kinilaw (P175)
What I liked best about Palawud was that it was very airy and cool. Since we came at night, there was a cool breeze in the air that was only available if you lived near the beach.

Photos from hereon are borrowed from their Facebook page:

Palawud Resto Grill & Bar is located at Sto. Nino–Banago, North Road, Talisay, Bacolod City. The restaurant opens from 4pm until late night on Tuesday – Sunday. Enjoy acoustic music from their live bands on Wednesdays and Fridays. For inquiries, call 09063129436 (number from their Facebook page).

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