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365 Modern Cafe: My New Favorite Cafe in Bacolod


Most of my adult life was spent inside cafes, if not at home. Having been a freelance writer/social media manager for the past 4 years, the combination of freshly brewed coffee beans and the ambient noise has always helped boost my productivity. The result of my frequent visits to different cafes has turned me into a first-name basis with local baristas, not only in Bacolod but in Manila as well. For this, I am always in search for a good café to frequent.

It may be because I’m a self-diagnosed bipolar, or perhaps I am a non-conformist: but my daily routine the past few weeks have included deciding which café to go to for the rest of the afternoon. A day without going to a café feels so empty to me; that I end up going at night.  And with the number of holdups/ home break-ins going on, I would rather do it in the afternoon.

My daily routine has become very simple: I wake up and prepare the batter for J-Pan Cakes, wait for my staff to arrive, read the Bible + do my devotion, take a bath, watch a little TV (or play Candy Crush), and after that it’s time for me to visit my stall and eat lunch. When I’m done, I’d contemplate by weighing pros & cons on where to go for my daily coffee intake and get some work done (well, at least try.)

Recently, I’ve been visiting different cafes around the metro; particularly the new ones: 6th Street Café, Little Miss Cupcake, and 365 Modern Café. Usually, my friends bring me to these new places because they know I love to eat and try new restaurants. Unfortunately, I am often not in my blogging state of mind that I post my whereabouts. Yes, I do take photos of the food but I don’t post them right away. My iPhone is full of food pictures that you’d barely see a selfie. I’ll try to post more photos sooner—I promise.

Anyway, one of the cafes that has recently piqued me is 365 Modern Café; it’s near, new, and accommodating. To date, I’ve been to the café twice and it has always been a pleasant experience. The food is great, the selection is abundant, and the service is impeccable! Here’s a more detailed review of the café:

One thing I appreciate about 365 Modern Café is that it has a very well lit space. Adorned with wood, light, and mint green; the café is delightfully planned out so that it gives out enough space to its customers. What I like about the café is that they have provided couches for almost every table that customers won’t have to fight over one. Yet, at the same time, each table is situated a short distance from one another—so that no one gets to eavesdrop on certain conversations.

Food & Coffee

There’s a particular reason why the café calls itself a ‘Modern’ café. When I asked the barista about this, he told me that it’s because they make use of modern techniques in coffee preparation. Indeed, I have to agree. There are a number of strange coffee maker apparatus that they make me feel like experimenting with their coffee beans. Compared to other cafes in the city, 365 Modern Café has an abundant selection of coffee bean options. From the common coffee selection: (Columbia, Sumatran) to the new options: (Vietnamese, Guatemalan); there is a never endless supply to choose from. They also have a portion where you can take a whiff of the aroma of the coffee beans they offer. 
Coffee Beans
Cafe Latte
Cafe Mocha
Iced Vietnamese Coffee (also served hot)
They even have a Quad Zombie Coffee that promises to ‘keep you up all night long.’ When served, they make use of different coffee art designs that are very picturesque and Instragram-worthy. 
Quad Zombie: Too scared to try it! 
Apart from serving coffee, the café also offers other beverages such as Frappes, Teas, and even Bubble Teas. I really like this because they don’t only cater to coffee drinkers. I believe Bacolod needs more of such places! There’s even one café in Dumaguete that I can compare this café to (will mention next time) just for the extensive selection of their menu.
Wintermelon Milk Tea with Free Sinker
While they do promise to serve food soon, it is always a good idea to try their cakes. On my two visits, I tried different cakes: Red Velvet and their Turtle Pie. When I spoke to one of the owners, she told me that she wanted to provide Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting since the other places in Bacolod serve it with white cupcake frosting only. I do have to agree with her—red velvet is not red velvet without cream cheese frosting. To their advantage, their Red Velvet is one of the two bestsellers; the other is their chocolate cake.
Cakes: Red Velvet Cake & Turtle Pie
Red Velvet Cake
But I do have to suggest that you try their Turtle Pie. I haven’t tried their chocolate cake yet but since I prefer cookie-crusted cakes, the Turtle Pie is a personal favorite. In fact, it’s even better than the Turtle Pie offered in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I suggest sharing it with a friend though as it can be too sweet.
Turtle Pie
Turtle Pie

Okay, so the interior is amazing and the coffee is great. When it comes to service, 365 Modern Café eats the whole cake. The baristas are friendly and the owners are always around to strike up a conversation with you. One thing I REALLY appreciated about the café though, amidst all these, is that they will offer you a pitcher of water on your table without you asking for it. Also, they offer free Wi-fi and they give out individual passwords to each customer.


Interior: Check
Food: Check
Service: Double Check
Price: I admit, the price can be a little expensive but it’s still cheaper than Starbucks.

I’d definitely return to this café. Who knows, I might be there again tomorrow!

*Photos from 365 Modern Cafe Facebook Page:

365 Modern Cafe is situated along B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City. They are behind Star Oil and in very close proximity to Doctor's Hospital. They are open from Mondays to Thursdays (9:00am-10:30pm), Fridays to Saturdays (9:00am- 12:00mn), and Sundays (10:00am-10:00pm). For more information, you may call them at (034) 435-2351.

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