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Fatboys: They’re Turning Me Into a Fat Girl!


Diners always get amused by the creative wall decoration mostly made of clay
Warning—before you proceed reading this blog post, I have to warn you that my visit to Fatboys was not only on one occasion. This post is long overdue but I haven’t had time to start writing on my blog again because of work and my activities in Church.
Also, I wasn’t feeling like writing because I didn’t know where to start. After realizing my phone already had a number of photos from Fatboys, I decided to give it a go (plus the fact that my client list has turned to 2 instead of 5… so yeah.)

As mentioned, I’ve been to Fatboys on one too many occasions—mostly, to hang out with my girl friends. One reason why we enjoy going to Fatboys (aside from the food, of course) is that it’s very homey and we can just be ourselves. We normally do that anywhere anyway, but there’s really something about Fatboys that makes us feel comfortable—it might be because we’re often the only ones dining there; which gives us plenty of opportunity to talk without being wary of other diners.

It still surprises me that there are a number of Bacolodnons who haven’t been to Fatboys or don’t even know where it is. Even while I was in Manila, I was already familiar with the restaurant. I think I heard about it from my best friends and their Korean friends. I’m not 100% sure but nonetheless, I made it a point to visit when I decided to move to Bacolod. Two months later, I still frequent the place and love the food.


A cozy corner in the restaurant
Fatboys is a petite restaurant located in one of the ‘eskinitas’ of Bacolod’s main highway, Lacson St. Upon entering the restaurant, the first thing that people notice are the quotes made out of clay and posted on the walls. These quotes were all either annoyingly funny or sarcastically accurate. One of the jokes that still manages to crack me up is the ‘Me fail English? That’s Unpossible!’ I’ve noticed that the clay has become a trend on small establishments and Milk Tea places. But by far, Fatboys’ jokes were funny!


Okay—so now we move to the real deal, the food. As I mentioned, I’ve been to Fatboys on several occasions. And on these events, I’ve been accompanied by my friends who (like me) love to go on food trips. This is why I’ve managed to collect a number of photos of their food. It might even be a quarter or a half of their entire menu.
Fat Fries
P60 for 200g; P110 for 400g

Hicham Burger
P150 with free Iced Tea
Burger Steak
P110 with free Iced Tea
Grilled Spareribs
P190 with free Iced Tea
Chicken Balsamico
Chicken Teriyaki
Classic Meatball Pasta
Herb Chicken Ball Pasta
Among the dishes I’ve tried, I would honestly recommend eating the Chicken Cordon Bleu. It’s my favourite dish at Fatboys. I like it because it’s the right size and has a good taste.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
P190 with free Iced Tea
Another favorite is their Buffalo Wings. Whenever I crave for this dish, I make it a point to visit Fatboys because I like how mildly spicy their Buffalo Wings are—not too spicy, not too sweet.

Buffalo Wings
The Pan Fried Chicken is also a must try. Though I have to recommend that you eat it right away while the creamy sauce is still hot.

Panfried Chicken
P140 with free Iced Tea
Yob’s Sisig is also good. I just found it a little too oily for my liking.

Yob's Sisig
P130 for 200g with egg; P90 for 100g + egg + rice
The Mac n’ Cheese is also another option to order. I do recommend sharing it with a friend though, as it might spoil your tastebuds after a while.

Mac n' Cheese (4 Cheese)
As for dessert, I love Fatboys’ Mudslide and Fruit Float. They’re really good desserts that I would gladly come back for!
Fruit Float
P 95
I look forward to trying their Window Cathedral and the Fatboys Dessert soon!


Another reason why I enjoy going to Fatboys is the service they provide. On my second visit, one of the staff (Rey) remembered my face. Even though it was a few weeks after my first visit, he still remembered the time I ate there. I was joking around if he still remembers what I ordered—that’s when he said he remembered me, just not the dessert I ordered.

The food tends to take long though. So if you’re in a hurry, Fatboys may not be an option for you. It’s really a good choice for those who are hoping to bond with their friends through good food. But if you’re after good food at an affordable price and remarkable service, Fatboys is the right place to go to!

Fatboys is located at 22nd Lacson St., Bacolod City. The street is between the gas station (Ramos) and Dona Ceferina Building (where Focus & AXA are). You may call them for more information at 0939-922-7492 or 0933-315-6427. Fatboys is open from Tuesday-Saturday (10am – 10pm) and on Sundays (12nn – 11pm). They are closed on Mondays.

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