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Burger Moo: Healthy Mushroom Burger Place in Bacolod

Burger Moo Healthy Mushroom Burger
There's a new burger place in town and it's not the same as everything else. For one thing, its burger patties are made of something entirely different than the usual cardboard ground beef mixture.
As its name suggests, Burger Moo Healthy Mushroom Burger has patties like no other in Bacolod. Perhaps this is reason enough as to why so many people have grown a curiosity for it.

As for me, I've already been acquainted with the idea of Oyster Mushrooms turned into burger patties and used for such items on a menu. Even when I was still a child, my Dad always took me to Mushroomburger whenever we're in Tagaytay. And up until last year (when he died), we would always stop by for a burger even though we just came from lunch.

Original Mushroomburger in Tagaytay
Photo from http://mushroomburger.com.ph/

Over the years, my taste in a mushroom burger has evolved. I no longer delight in plainly the burger, but on the burger steak dish found on their menu. Since I'm not a fan of bread, it clearly explains why I prefer my burger patty with rice covered in a delicious sauce. 

Going home from Manila (which became my home for the last 6 years) was hard. There were so many adjustments to be made. But so far, I've survived for the last 4 months. I can't honestly answer if Bacolod is still where I'll be a few months from now. But for the moment, I can just say that I'm staying put because of my newly established food cart, J-Pan Cakes.

So with the changes I've faced in the past 4 months, there have been a number of restaurants and dishes that I've been craving for. I'll post them on another blog post since the list is too many. But one thing I miss is definitely Mushroomburger; if not for the food, the memories that come along with every visit.

Anyway, I first saw this new burger place on a Facebook page I belong to. After a few days, I told my brother we should pay a visit.

Just like in Tagaytay, Burger Moo displayed their oyster mushrooms on a glass enclosure for the public to marvel on. There were also a bunch of photos explaining the health benefits of oyster mushrooms on the body.

Oyster Mushrooms on display
For this particular food trip, I tried the Premium Healthy Mushroom Burger. Sadly, I found the patty too thin and I couldn't taste the meat at all. I hope that the owner of the burger place reads my review and decides to thicken the patty a bit.

Premium Healthy Mushroom Burger (P59)
Even though I wasn't able to taste the patty, I'm still pretty open to trying their rice toppers or mushroom rice meals. I think this is the best way for me to be able to enjoy my mushroom burger.

Oh and they currently have a promotion for the Healthy Mushroom Burger and the Beefy Burger. They are sold as Buy 1 Take 1.

Burger Moo Healthy Burger Mushroom Menu
How about you guys? I know a lot of you have tried it out of curiosity... How did you enjoy your healthy mushroom burger?

Burger Moo Healthy Mushroom Burger is located on the building right beside Robinson's Bacolod. It is right in between Robinson's and Convergys. You won't miss it. :)

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