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Breakfast for Dinner, All-Day Breakfast Food at American Kitchen


There’s a new restaurant in Bacolod that serves breakfast food all day long. And the good thing about it is that it comes in an American diner theme—sort of like the diner where Mary Jane came out of in the original Spiderman movie; except this one was in a real building instead of a trailer-looking restaurant. After going to the gym, my friends and I decided to try out American Kitchen for the first time.


I’ve always been a fan of pretty interiors, especially the ones in restaurants. I enjoy the idea that the owner puts in a little bit of creativity just so they could come up with a theme for their establishment. And when it comes to American diner themes, I think we have a shortage of them; not just in Bacolod but in Manila as well.

Upon entering American Kitchen, I was immediately brought back to Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5 and Johnny Rockets in Eastwood and Burgos Circle. Even though I’ve never been to a real American diner, the feel of one excites me. And truthfully, American Kitchen somewhat achieved this look.



I like their Baseball uniforms!

The view from where we sat


When we arrived, we were still waiting for a couple of friends so we decided to get the AK Tater Tots (P110). As described on their menu, this is their signature crispy potato bites. Every bite of these wonderful creatures was a reminiscent of our childhood favourite: Croquettes! Unfortunately, as the tots started to warm up, the insides turned dry. I think the trick there is to start eating them while they’re still hot.

AK Tater Tots (P110)

Since there were 5 of us, we decided to split on 3 dishes. Apart from saving money, we decided this was the best way we could try out different things.

The first dish that arrived was the AK Pancake Platter (P220); composed of 2 original pancakes, 2 eggs (cooked your way), and meat (choice of 2 American breakfast sausage patties or 2 strips of thick cut smoked bacon or 1 ham slice). We decided to go with the sausage since we’d be sharing the dish. The sausage was good, but nothing too spectacular about it. As for the pancakes, well… I’m a bit biased there so I won’t give feedback on it. (Wanna know why?)

AK Pancake Platter (P220)

Next came the Country Fried Steak Platter (P210)—Deep fried breaded sirloin steak smothered in country gravy, 2 eggs (cooked your way) and your choice of 1 slice of Texas toast or country potatoes. Again, we chose to have scrambled eggs and country potatoes. Overall, this was my favourite dish. I liked the deep fried breaded sirloin as it was cooked perfectly. Its sauce was reasonably enough to coat the meat. And the country potatoes, they were heavenly!

Country Fried Steak Platter (P210)

The last to arrive was Q’s Shepherd’s Pie (P199). I’m a fan of making these types of pies (Chicken Alexander and Moussaka) so this wasn’t new to me. American Kitchen’s version though was composed of a generous amount of mashed potatoes layered with ground beef mixed with green peas, corn, and carrots topped with French fried onions. I found the mashed potato a little bit dry though.

Q's Shepherd Pie (P199)


The service in American Kitchen was highly commendable. The staff was ready to serve even before you asked them to. And when you leave, they all say thank you. Even the owner was friendly. When it comes to breakfast food, I am often reminded of Eggs Benedict. So while the owner was there, I decided to suggest it to her. She promised that they will soon be including it on their menu—I’m crossing my fingers for it! I will most likely return soon, especially if they include Eggs Ben in their new menu!

The staff hard at work

American Kitchen is located at the Ground Floor at Art District, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. It is right behind East-West Bank. They are open Mondays – Saturdays (8am – 11pm) and Sundays (10am – 5pm).

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